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10/15 c47 wolfievv
show me pikachu
10/15 c46 wolfievv
wonder if talk no jutsu worked whe would have gotten a skill
10/14 c31 wolfievv
im glad mc gets Nuibari and zabuza is a "good guy"
10/13 c34 Guest
Of Naruto didt train with jiraaya than that's the end of the leaf because nobody will be able to fight the one tails.
10/13 c32 Guest
Chapter 32 and ya Naruto ist really acting like Naruto he's kinda acting like a bitch cuz from what I remember during the Wave mission Naruto got afraid to fight the brothers so he stabbed himself in the arm to declare that he won't ever get afraid again but he wouldn't do something like that in the story
10/13 c31 Guest
I'm on chapter 31 and the edgyness ist bad just tone it down a little
10/12 c2 wolfievv
i like it this seems like an interesting story
10/11 c142 Glixzium
Honestly it's... bittersweet. This story has been a constant for me for years, helped me escape from many many stresses of life. I've spent many late nights excitedly reading and getting lost in the world you had crafted. It doesn't feel like you left loose ends, and while I bemoan not being able to read new adventures for Eiji and co, I'm a satisfied reader with the way things wrapped up. Thank you for writing and sharing your work, this story will likely live rent free in my head for years to come. <3
10/11 c14 Guest
I wish u would show all the stats and ability levels more
10/9 c103 Abyssalwhale
"So, what's the plan, Fearless Leader?" Tayuya asked,

"Kidnap Fu, smother her in love and affection till she gets Stockholm syndrome, and assimilate her into the collective."

Why did you turn eiji into Deidra? And Deidra spoke normally, weird choice but okay.
10/8 c73 Guest
I'm not liking this. It's too suffocating to read this chapter. He has to fear something in his own mind now? It's just too underwhelming. I don't like how the shade got trusted so easily. It was like forcing the mc to do it. I don't like how the beast can practically dismantle his mind scape. In his mind he should be the boss. No one should be able to do anything.
10/6 c142 4Flavio S
This story is great!
10/1 c70 Guest
this much focus on the mindscape stuff is annoying
10/1 c57 Guest
that mental mindscape thing is kind of iffy, dont like it so far
10/1 c142 Stuff16
Honestly, this story is amazing. I followed it at the time when their were only like 40 ish chapters. I'm so happy that I could follow this story in real time. It was a real pleasure l. I'm currently ready game of monsters. I hope to be able see it through to its completion just like game of Shadows.
I wish you the best of luck in the futur
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