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for Game of Shadows

10/11 c14 Guest
I wish u would show all the stats and ability levels more
10/9 c103 Abyssalwhale
"So, what's the plan, Fearless Leader?" Tayuya asked,

"Kidnap Fu, smother her in love and affection till she gets Stockholm syndrome, and assimilate her into the collective."

Why did you turn eiji into Deidra? And Deidra spoke normally, weird choice but okay.
10/8 c73 Guest
I'm not liking this. It's too suffocating to read this chapter. He has to fear something in his own mind now? It's just too underwhelming. I don't like how the shade got trusted so easily. It was like forcing the mc to do it. I don't like how the beast can practically dismantle his mind scape. In his mind he should be the boss. No one should be able to do anything.
10/6 c142 4Flavio S
This story is great!
10/1 c70 Guest
this much focus on the mindscape stuff is annoying
10/1 c57 Guest
that mental mindscape thing is kind of iffy, dont like it so far
10/1 c142 Stuff16
Honestly, this story is amazing. I followed it at the time when their were only like 40 ish chapters. I'm so happy that I could follow this story in real time. It was a real pleasure l. I'm currently ready game of monsters. I hope to be able see it through to its completion just like game of Shadows.
I wish you the best of luck in the futur
9/24 c11 orlanix
too much friendship in this story and the mc being the mom to his peers is somewhat not so intriguing. i really wanted to see more emotions like hate envy loath.. also the mc is like a saint or smth
9/24 c9 orlanix
you shouldn't have gone to this extent in his relationship with naruto, moving to live together is just limiting and naruto is an annoying character i can't put up with every fanfic having the mc babysit naruto but it is what it is
9/24 c4 orlanix
it's just too much interaction with naruto, that's what i don't like about naruto gamer fics, the mc always tries to babysit naruto and make his life better, I'm just saying kid naruto is an annoying character overall..
9/24 c142 TheBeauty
This is the first Gamer ff to reach the ending that I've ever read. Very nice world building even though the main character was way overpowered. I liked it very much though :)
9/17 c17 yrlastin
Please use Maito Gai instead!
9/17 c16 yrlastin
He gained access to his mindscape shortly after starting to meditate and sorted and guarded his memories. Therefore he shouldn't be able to forget the faces of his loved ones.
9/13 c80 Ricee
an interaction between the chakra beast and hachibi would be pretty funny, "look, you have a daughter!"
9/10 c133 SirLaze
Man had me sweatin with all the flags being raised.
I've been reading this on and off for quite some time, and I can only remember it being a good read.
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