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11/9/2019 c1 7ZeAwsumOtaku
Ah the irony, Tony adopts Tsuna and this story is up for Adoption.
11/9/2019 c1 31Sakura Lisel
Um... why didn't Tsuna just flat out REFUSE to be a mafia boss at all? His dad and the Family didn't even KNOW he was missing, or what happened to Nana, until they decided to come and TRY and take over HIS life to start training him to be the next mob boss, only after previous candidates ahead of him were 'disqualified'. He could have even TRIED staying in America with Tony and Nat as Edwin James Stark and continue living as Edwin Stark far away from the Vongolo in hopes that they NEVER found him. Even then, the Vongolo would have to go through EVERY single member of the Avengers to get to him. *lol*

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