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for A Sword Named Archer

7/30 c42 Dreamweaver Mirar
Quite the enjoyable story, speaking as someone who hasn't read "Reincarnated as a Sword".
Thanks for writing!

I have noticed quite a few spelling/word mistakes in past chapters though- you may want to look into getting a beta.
For instance, you've written "prouse" instead of "prowess" multiple times in the last few chapters.

Hell, I'd be willing to edit your chapters if you'd like; just shoot me a PM.

Either way, I hope you continue to write!
7/26 c42 1Heaven's Thesis
It's been good. Thank you for writing. I feel like I understand and care about these characters I've never read about before.
7/21 c42 10Onishin Tsukitenshi
Please update soon.
7/17 c42 1Rubel
Cool Story.
7/8 c2 25The Jingo
"To not do so would be a crime"

Fucking Archer, lol
7/3 c37 pwtcmcneil
nevermind, I read down 2 paragraphs and it completely debunked my theory, should prolly read the entire section before making theories, that said, now I kinda think it's Merlin
7/3 c37 pwtcmcneil
you know, thefor the third soul of the intelligent blade in this chapter has the same amount of letters as tohsaka, it also makes sense because magic stones -> gem magecraft, and Average One -> being able to learn/absorb all the skills/magics.
7/3 c1 pwtcmcneil
gonna be honest, that is one of the shortest descriptions I have ever seen on this site, yet it also has me the most curious about what lies within, well done with that stroke of genius.
6/29 c42 joshiro99
Love this story, can't wait for further chapters.
6/27 c42 Scythal

Nice story so far that I think I’ll read the original novel so I have a better understanding of the background.

6/24 c42 Guest
This story was deleted but it returned how odd
6/19 c4 Hainz Leonard Kim
My review got tired
6/19 c3 Hainz Leonard Kim
It has some of the elements of both franchise making the cross quite good in my book
6/19 c2 Hainz Leonard Kim
I love the story
6/19 c1 Hainz Leonard Kim
I’ve finished all the chapters and I Haven’t commented in some of them so here
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