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for The Rising of Two Heroes

11/12/2019 c2 10saturn95
I'm getting the impression that the brothers have been in the Mushroom Kingdom before without them realizing... possibly in their dreams? Toadsworth did mention they returned 'after all these years' so I guess it could be a possibility? Or what if Toadsworth is making a reference to the events of Yoshi's Island? In any case, I think you did an excellent job of setting up the narrative as well as a good mystery.

I do wonder about the scars on the brothers' backs, whether or not they are the result of a past traumatic event. As far as the subject of bullying, I do sympathize with Luigi and his first impression of Daisy (and not just because he's my favorite character in the Mario universe), though I'm sure it will mellow out as the story progresses. And then, of course, there's Mario and his hypnotized lovestruck state of mind. I expected no less from him when he first saw Peach :) I also enjoyed the part where the brothers were playing catch with Bowser. For the brothers (given childhood in Brooklyn), it must feel great being the ones catching the ball as opposed to being the ball, if you know what I mean. They deserve a break!

Anyway, I cant wait to see what happens next! Keep up the great work :)
11/11/2019 c1 saturn95
Wow! I'm really enjoying this so far! I must say you did a fantastic job with the first chapter. Your characterizations of the brothers are superb and I like the idea of them spending their childhood in Brooklyn before ending up in the Mushroom Kingdom. I wonder who the two heroes that were there before them were? I guess we'll find out later.

Anyway, this was a great first chapter :) Cant wait to see how the rest unfolds!

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