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17h c3 CyrusWolfricFaust81194
Bruh, it's a romance fic? I didn't even notice. P.S. I think half the fandom and Deku's quirk would be great friends
17h c2 CyrusWolfricFaust81194
I'm not sure how to react to this quirk, but I kinda wish I did and didn't have it. It's bloody hilarious tho.
Is Deku not levelling up due to his confidence or lack of effort
icy-hot is now my favourite character
10/10 would do the same for good food
11/27 c21 Sable Dawn
dude really likes soba to just casually dismiss a genderbend, kudos to him/her
11/26 c1 Curse Of Kings
Just where did the Gamer come from?
11/26 c8 3Akash giri
i don't usually like harem, but so far this is really good!
11/25 c21 3MasterBrattan
It's funny how Shoto is like 'meh' on being turned into a girl, as long as he can enjoy soba.
11/25 c11 HAILSTORM76
F my boi (da quirk) has no chill
11/25 c6 HAILSTORM76
"cue evil laughter"
11/25 c4 HAILSTORM76
oh no...so it starts..
11/24 c2 2it's just another primate
What the fuck? Lmao
11/24 c1 it's just another primate
The hell? XD
11/24 c52 baconbreath
Thank you for this very entertaining story. I just started reading, and binge-read it over the past few days. I've really enjoyed the character development, and think your design and execution of Izuku's gamer quirk is extremely creative and very well done. I'm really looking forward to your next update. Thanks again!
11/21 c16 1Dirt Rider 712
This was a bait and switch. You betrayed your readers by not mentioning this from the start. I want my time back.

Honestly all the negative reviews could have been completely avoided if you had just made it clear that he wouldn’t get one for all, from the start. Especially if he hadn’t put so much time into the now useless training.
11/19 c46 Cain
I stumbled on this story a while ago, and I binged it. Granted I binged it in sections over a couple of days, but still. I read through everything, and I enjoyed all of it. And when I got to the point where you were taking your break from the story (yes I was actually getting to the point where I wasn't playing catch up anymore), I got sad. But I knew that you needed a break and would likely come back when you felt it was the right time. So when I saw that there were new chapters, I was super excited! And I decided to read through the whole story all over again from the beginning! Which is what I'm doing currently, and so while there are 55 or so chapters at the moment, I wanted to at least take a moment to reply to this prompt.

I'm glad that you're writing in here again, and I at least will keep reading as long as you are willing to write. Thank you for putting your inspiration and time into this project, it's wonderful and I love it.
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