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1/6 c56 Pater P0n
Story idea (for anyone obviously); izuku is hol horse.

That’s all.

Also good ending
1/3 c1 123Yojimbra

This is a warning. Because of how rude you "asked" and doing it in such a way that I can't respond to your review by being a guest account, if I see you posting my fic I will have it taken down.
1/1 c11 Gixn
Man turned into Drake for a second there. Said that you a lesbian girl me too"
12/31/2021 c1 sirius
dude... this used to be in wattpad translated to spanish, now it isnt, so im going to retranslate it and publish it there, im a 17 years old guy from argentina.
if you have any problem with, answer this post
12/29/2021 c15 kitsune no uzu
Oh man what an amazing fic
This is epic
12/26/2021 c4 zooba
Alright, I'm liking the humor here. I especially like that it's consistently entertaining. Good Job author.
12/22/2021 c46 Guest
This series is amazing, one critique though is that you could add mina? And I dont have an actual problem, I just think mina would be a good addition
12/15/2021 c3 myafroatemydog
Ungabunga mode has me dying
12/14/2021 c17 Martini the Houdini
Had me dead when she yelled out, Oh fuck yeah i can retire, and when she jumped to eat the food
12/12/2021 c56 shirousagi87
Good and fun story
11/26/2021 c1 Citan
Ok. I just picked this up because of the massive number of reviews. This is my first "gamer" fic. I don't know if its also like this in other Gamer! fic... So in this fic, there are no video games in the MHA world? Becuase it doesn't make any sense that he has no idea bout his quirk. Though you also mentioned pokemon... which has you know levels, exp, stats, etc. O_o

Anyway i have the epub, will read it again someday. Maybe when i've read your other normal MHA fics.
11/25/2021 c27 16Luciendar
It kinda feels like Itsuka is more of the mc than Izuku at times.
11/25/2021 c8 Luciendar
So is this MHA or Food Wars lol
11/25/2021 c17 Type-Saturn
So why isn’t Izuku spiteful at all? It seemed that his character would be spiteful towards nighteye for the shit he just pulled and basically being the cause of his girlfriends death so why is he now acting like they are friends?
11/10/2021 c13 soggyboi2760
"legend has it there was a dude that flexed off a glacier." is that a total command reference?
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