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for Scream to the Trees

6/4 c1 1Aikanamintariansha
ReallY? Please! Try at least.
3/15 c1 SapphireKiddTaeyeon
It's a pity this is a one-shot, it's really good
3/3 c1 122MoonlightBushido
I'd love a follow up fic to this.
1/2 c1 4Nampayo
This was a beautiful story, I get that you want to keep this a one shot but maybe you can make kinda a mini series of the two of them getting closer together and working out their problems back in Paris.
10/1/2020 c1 18Matador Matty
This was an absolute delight to read, and I had a lot of fun picturing Marinette (and Adrien!) just letting loose with these horrible shrieks of rage and dismay when they're far away enough from everything that nobody will be able to hear them. Those kids need lots and lots of love and support, and I think a quiet, secluded place to howl in fury is part of it. Good on Master Fu, Tikki, and Plagg (and Kaalki!) for supporting Ladybug and Chat Noir.
9/2/2020 c1 geekqueen2010
I'm still waiting on that "portaling Lila to Achu" story. ;3
8/23/2020 c1 Stag-beetle
Side comment- actually she can go abroad, becuse France IS in the European Union, and inside of the EU calling don't cost more than it cost your home county.
But I love it.
7/21/2020 c1 Guest
Oh my poor babies..! Master Fu would 've been taken away were this not a cartoon!
7/14/2020 c1 8ChopSuzi
Oh man, this is fantastic! I honestly just want to see someone take this idea and run with it. (The most I'll be able to do is write a drabble in a notebook and shred it after.)
5/11/2020 c1 violet lilaccs
5/4/2020 c1 Melissa
I've been truly enjoying your stories. So far I've probably read more than half. Your a fantastic writer, & have great (topic) ideas for your stories. Quick side-note of constructive criticism for this story: I think you meant albiet when you said abet.
3/15/2020 c1 Guest
This was actually quite fulfilling for me, even.

I wonder what designs Mari came up with..?

I guess we'll never know.. . . . . .
2/13/2020 c1 1geekqueen2010
I want the Lila in Achu via Horse portal story please!
2/10/2020 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Omg I love it so much! Me and my husband, we show our inner kids a lot lol, watch this together and we started talking about how unfair it is to Marinette to alwayyyyys have to be the bigger person. Like Ladybug or not, she’s a kid man. So this story was amazing to read, when I was around that age I would run to destress. Once I reached far enough away in the fields or forest I would just scream out the frustrations, it really is therapeutic! Thanks for writing, I really enjoyed it!
2/4/2020 c1 5GrumpyCatLilBub
We need that extra story!
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