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7/14 c1 KingOfEmptyness
7/13 c24 1EmporerRyu
Thank goodness for the online courses! I know im late, but you should never have to deal with a professor like that. Who knows? Maybe said professor failed a few of the classes you passed, had spent seemingly more effort on them, and was jealous?
5/27 c62 erikanad77
Gracias por el capĂ­tulo
5/11 c30 guest123
it feels like she purposely crippled herself as a shinobi with how little effort she put to anything but fuinjutsu, which is not giong to save her in the future war that she know is comming. Since you know all the ones of logistic and analisis job die by bijudama in that war and it looks like that is going to be her fate too.
5/6 c62 Guest
Thank for the chapter
5/8 c61 luther10120111
I'm thinking theirs only two possibilities who the father is one I'm leaning more on.
5/8 c60 luther10120111
Aye ABD SAI has enter the field
5/8 c59 luther10120111
Awe she's so tired
5/8 c57 luther10120111
5/7 c39 luther10120111
5/7 c18 luther10120111
Blood feuds are intresting topics in naruto .
5/7 c17 luther10120111
Glad the dog can talk non verbal would suck
5/7 c8 luther10120111
I love it when authors show Guy as fun and hip . But theirs moments were he's serious .
5/7 c7 luther10120111
So less of a Tai jutsu fight and more brawl
5/7 c5 luther10120111
I always found it weird that it was a secret that naruto was vessel but everyone made it obvious that he carried the ninetails. No one got punished for a s class secret .
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