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5/19 c51 2Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
lol halarious
5/19 c35 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
a good decision on a jiraiya pov chapter
5/19 c15 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
lmao guy saying his thoughts aloud on accident is halarious
4/29 c60 Guest
I’m so in love with this fic I’ve been glued to it all day and was so tempted to sneak in some chapters at work. I hope you update soon!
4/23 c60 1AllySpark
Oh boy where to start. First this is amazing! Your deviation from Canon is refreshing and very enjoyable. Yeah Hana cries a lot but if I were in her shoes I'd have had several breakdowns by this point. And I adore kikashi as a father. You keep me on my toes and keep me guessing. I can't wait to see what she does with orochimaru and kabuto. Very well done.
4/16 c60 Guest
I demand the continuation of the banquet!
Author! If you need inspirational slap. My discord nikiworld#0829
3/1 c49 17Boggie445
Man I wished she keep the blue shinnergan, I know I misspelled it
2/27 c60 Benw8888
What a story. Thanks for writing.

New people should read this story! It gets darker as time progresses (sad) but its really good.

I wonder if the author is aware of the AU elements? Like Jiraiya being a Senju, and there was something else I forgot.

Also author I sincerely wish she can regain her arm somehow. Permanent maiming makes me uncomfortable.
2/27 c57 Benw8888
So many plot twists… this story is sooo much deeper than I originally thought
2/11 c60 AVN
Interesting story, I don't know if you're planning on writing any further but it's very enjoyable. Although some things really need to be explained, I hope we'll get to know more about Yachiru (I suppose the Monster is Zetsu since it's the only black and white monstrous character I can think of in Naruto), especially who the f is her father and how could she Wolverine/Deadpool out of death without being Kurama's Jinchuuriki.
What happened to Kimimaro? We don't know if he died or not in this timeline.
I like how you portray Sakura. I usually dislike her character because of how Kishimoto made her a toxic relation for Naruto, always blaming him while spending P1 not learning any jutsu and barely getting past academy level before she finds a motivation to become more than a liability to her 4 people team (I'm sick with annoying cheerleaders). It would be great if you were to give her more development in the next chapters, she really craves for character development and skills improvements.
Get well, depression is really not fun, I hope your readers' reviews or support can help you emotionally, and I hope you're in good company. Humans are social animals and even the most solitary ones need real human interactions.
2/11 c60 1AvidReader2425
Thanks for the chapter!
2/11 c57 AvidReader2425
Absolutely heart wrenching
2/11 c56 AvidReader2425
My condolences for your loss, thanks for all the work you put into the story even despite real life difficulties
2/11 c55 AvidReader2425
One hell of a cliffhanger
2/11 c47 AvidReader2425
Great chapter .
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