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2/4 c60 Isaiah Daniel1
Will she be getting a new arm?
1/9 c32 1kalecream
12/9/2021 c32 4Pimp father Jones
My love for this fic is immense
12/9/2021 c29 Pimp father Jones
Sakura is such a shiesty bitch
12/9/2021 c39 Luna Lightblade
Not sure how Orochimaru is able to have a one on one fight with her with two kages and anbu able to fight. Orochimaru should not be able to make a move against her without opening himself for an attack that should be exploitable by the highly skilled allies she has with her. Yes he has two kage slaves at hand however... considering he lost his arm with that advantage before he really should be getting steamrolled at this moment. He's good but not that good I should think.
12/4/2021 c58 Amethyst Hansen
Good, she belongs with the kakashi. And the toad sage can go suck an egg. Love this story its amazing.
12/4/2021 c15 violetartistic23
Is this a reverse harem? Hope not...
12/4/2021 c11 violetartistic23
I love Hanako, don't get me wrong but its annoying about her whole "no violence" rule... violence is kinda in the job description, if you wannq be a ninja that is...
11/23/2021 c58 MeowGenics
The story's summary is so accurate, Hana absolutely has a Mary Sue background that just keeps getting piled on and most of the times she cries, it's because of Jiraiya. I love Hana's character, it's not often where reborn characters suffer from some sort of mental disorder and it really gives her depth in her journey in finding out who she really is and dealing with the guilt of replacing someone who had once lived.

Can't wait for you to start updating this again.
11/1/2021 c58 Guest
Glad you’re back and feeling better! I wish you all the luck in your job search and personal life. Your story’s great and your writing, equally so. Looking forward to the next update!
11/3/2021 c57 1World-Explorer
im goad ur back! cheers. following ur work
10/31/2021 c58 Lily
This paints an absolutely totally adorable picture xxx
Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the next one!
11/1/2021 c58 JWolfcat
Glad to see you posting again! Welcome back : )
Looking forward to seeing more!


10/25/2021 c57 Guest
Hi..ahmm.. I'm a new reader here and ..yeah I'm totally loving it... Like totally.. And you totally killing it Mr./ miss. Author.. And I hope that, it is not the total ending of this fan fiction.. Because I cant take .. Literally I can't .. I love it so much ..okey.. Sooi .hehehe hope for more actually... Thank you!
9/28/2021 c24 Guest
Being that the Naruto world is a Japanese series, based to a large extent on their history, culture and Buddhist values. The vegetarian life style would be common to most people. While fish has long been part of the Japanese diet other meats were not only discouraged but often banned by law under the Buddhist following lords of the feudal era.
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