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for Fate: Parallels

5/7 c18 Andres DMB
phenomenal chapter!, certainly a lot of things happened, like diverging in crucial aspects of the normal story, which make for really exciting plot points, while also giving you a lot of room to write a interesting story, just the fact that shirou "assimilated" a whole world is an very interesting change of events, it certainly seems that you are going all out with divergences on the story, not extreme enough to have nothing of the original in it, but just sufficient to make for a really wonderful story, you really have a talent in writing good stories.
Btw, shouldn't the insane bloodlust from gae bolg have an effect on keel?, or it doesn't happen because it's a game?, i really have that doubt from the beginning.

I will wait for the next update!
4/26 c18 Dayside
This one I shall follow.
4/26 c6 Dayside
the first time I've ever seen this done. I'm so fucking proud.
4/26 c5 Dayside
Did this stupid cunt seriously leave the black keys just fucking laying around for someone to pick up?
4/20 c18 Guest
To Aeonir, shut the fuck up. You whiney bitch. All you do complain and do nothing to help.
4/20 c18 1Aeonir
If I wasn't already convinced Shield Hero was an intept edgelord story written by someone lacking all originality and planning this story would have convinced me... Even with obvious changes due to Shirou and tone differences with another author the base setting and it's complete lack of logical coherency shines through so much it's painful.
4/20 c15 Aeonir
How hard can it actually be to get some clothes or at least cloth in a kingdoms fucking capitol?
4/19 c9 Aeonir
Why even fight or interact with the "heroes"? Such a fucking waste of time and effort for absolutely nothing...
4/19 c18 Kodaking
:( I want more chapters. :(
4/16 c18 9Dragon Man 180
Melty as an archer? I want to see Shirou give her tips! I can totally see her calling him Senpai and driving Keel crazy. I can't wait to see Malty and Melty face off!
4/10 c18 WN-Bruh
I love your story but you don't need to include all the canon characters. And even if you wanted to, they don't need to appear in the same order as canon.
The way Filo's egg was found felt forced to me and now you're introducing Melty as well.
4/4 c18 1Junky
One doubt I have: No one but Shirou should be able to use his Noble Phantasms as they're not the original owner. Perhaps you could explain it off for the heroes who could "gain" ownership by copying it with their legendary weapons (though they still shouldn't be able to use the traced version) but how about for Malty? Is the bow perhaps not a Noble Phantasm but Archer's bow, an enchanted bow or a nonmagical bow?
4/2 c18 budianakubu
"Her name was Melty S. Melromarc, the younger sister of Bitc- Malty S. Melromarc."

Bitcoin, it has to be Bitcoin
3/29 c18 mastermini
Thank you :)
3/27 c18 Cure Lovely
Hooray a new chapter have appear! Raphtalia, Keel, and Melty are so adorable! I love to see a crossover of Fate/Stay Night and Azur Lane fanfiction someday!
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