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5/1 c10 xXx
Oh now this was a fun binge-read. I know we didn't have him for long, but I have a soft spot for the much less edgy starter Naofumi. I also really like how you're changing things too! The thing you did with the king? Wonderful. Just wonderful. I know for most it isn't as satisfying as putting bad characters in their place so to speak, but having those characters actually develop into beings that actually contribute something other than misery? That's my kryptonite.
4/30 c10 barrytrey0430
This story is so funny, poor poor sword hero
4/30 c10 RabbitHaremLover24
Wow, can't believe I missed this update, anyhow as they say kids grow up so fast. Lol. And Ren got um...his arse kicked in a very "spectacular" way. Only Itsuka was spared ublike Ren and Motoyasu whom got his ass kicked by Shirou. Anyhow, looking forward to the next chapter. :) This is really as it shows the what if that whole "Accused of Rape" scenario never happened and Naofumi actually had someone (Shirou Emiya) to help guide him. That being said I bet that Three Heroes Church are definitely NOT happy probably Myne too. So, great chapter and awaiting the next one.:)
4/26 c9 72L33t Horo
Japan foes have FBI, they have Public Security Intelligence Agency or the PSIA for short XD
4/25 c10 Nagisa Tr
Poor Ren, he ate a pile of shit.

He totally deserved it for his future actions though yes indeed
4/24 c10 Death Lantern
this is good
4/24 c10 Akin2018
I wonder how shirou and naofumi well react to their friends growth spurt.
4/24 c10 107thManiac
I just realised something. Shirou hadn't bothered to research demi-humans, if he did then he'd know how they grow and age differently than normal humans. I mean, it's very Shirou not to, he's no researcher but if Rin or anyone else ever found out they'd bonk him so hard lol.
4/23 c10 23mooreb
This story is amazing and I can’t wait for the next chapter
4/23 c10 Casual Reader
darkimortal is the type of ignorant person to lecture others on things he himself doesn't know.
4/23 c10 Mythic Imagination
An enjoyable chapter, I found the 'spar' amusing, and the divergence from canon interesting. I'm eager to see what happens next.
4/23 c1 darkimortal
I'm just throwing this out there but Magic Circuits don't get Atrophied ( or whatever ever word. My point is they don't degrade. Degradation is pure Fandom. Shirou just has shitty M.C. his efficiency with them is something that could be worked on however. ).

Also did Naofumi know how to make a party in the original? I could have sworn he didn't know until later.

I don't understand the kingdoms treatment of Shirou, if the Heroes find out I'm pretty sure that could ruin first impressions. It doesn't seem like a thing this shitty King would do at this stage. Snuffing the Shield Hero makes sense because he can't help himself. ( I can't tell if snuffing is the word to be used here... Lol )
4/22 c10 Xero619
good story
4/22 c10 1thewookie1
It's always rather concerning when the children start growing.
4/22 c10 xbox432
Oh, that was evil. HAHAHA! I loved seeing Ren have his meltdown. Anyone who has dueled a Healadin in WoW knows just how aggravating it can be to inflict any lasting damage. The duel just drags on forever...

And it looks like Keel and Raphtalia are finally having their growth spurts! Heh, I'm curious to see how Shirou and Naofumi react to learning just how different Beastmen are to humans. I'm a bit curious as to how you'll have Keel grow up, as I don't remember ever seeing her grow up in the few pieces of Shield Hero that I watched/read.
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