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10/16 c38 20WendyCR72
I really like how how fill in the episode gaps. But God, it's never a picnic for Bobby, is it? :-)
8/21 c37 WendyCR72
Great - if sort of dark - chapter! I feel for Both Bobby and Alex here.

I don't want to be "that person", but the last sentence, do you mean "hot water BOTTLE" instead of "hot water bladder"? (Although the visual gave me a laugh! :-) Needed after the angst!)
8/8 c36 miteymom
Really enjoying your writing... keep ‘em coming
6/22 c32 WendyCR72
Sorry I don't review consistently, but I really do like what you're doing with this. Great insights! And you have both Bobby and Alex's characterizations spot on. :-)
6/11 c29 4writerella
LOVED IT! More! :)
6/1 c28 5maddiemarch
I really enjoyed this chapter. You set the emotional tone so well. It's true that Bobby's life really did revolve around his mom for so long that he would feel lost without her to care for. I can also see his mom giving him a hard time about how his job was impacting his romantic life and how he wasn't giving her any grandkids. Little does she understand that it actually put him on the path to someone who would love him for who he really is, which is a beautiful thing. Thanks for posting.
5/31 c27 leftyred
I’m enjoying your story.
5/21 c26 20WendyCR72
Oh, Bobby. Stop getting in your own way and second-guessing yourself. Thanks for another chapter.
5/21 c25 WendyCR72
It's nice just to have slice-of-life moments and this was a great example.
5/21 c26 2Francesca Salazar
Poor Bobby!
5/19 c24 20WendyCR72
Interesting that you're using Olivet instead of Gyson here. Makes me wonder how this will shake out. Looking forward to your take on all of this!
4/15 c23 WendyCR72
I really like the interplay between G/E. And Alex always could read Bobby like a book. Great job!
4/9 c22 2Francesca Salazar
Love it:3 I love Alex sooo much. Stay safe
4/8 c22 125Atarya QueenofEgypt
Poetfades2black can you please PM me and follow and favorite me?
3/6 c19 2Francesca Salazar
Love it!
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