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5/10 c3 rahad
This harry is a big retard... why not just change your hair colour like the fake Aegon did. Or just go bald xD
5/9 c2 Ataxius
Harry Blackfyre is a really ridiculous name, it seems like a minor detail but every time I see it I can't help but get annoyed. Harry is a name that isn't used anywhere in ASOIAF and even if it was its not a something that was ever used as a firstname for the upperclass like he is here. It was always a nickname for a Harold/Harald or Henry. It's almost as bad as naming him 'Hadrian' in ASOIAF like some stories do, so there's that at least.
5/3 c16 darthkratos24
Yea no didn't affect my reading at all. Don't know if it says good things or bad things about your writing if I can miss two practical five or so chapters and if not affect my reading ability of it
5/3 c15 darthkratos24
Fuck it let's skip here and see if my understanding of this weird story is affected I'll let you know next chapter if I'm confused more or still the normal mind fuzzy confused your story makes me

Let's go!
5/3 c11 darthkratos24
Yup skipped the chapter again and I don't like the new addition every story does this adds in some weird oc that becomes the center of to many bloody chapters when people are here for Harry and not Reginald's life fuckin story that seems to be thrown in our faces all the time and then you'll wonder why your story about harry potter suddenly died when it becomes the story of Reginald and the weird wizard kid
5/3 c9 darthkratos24
Okay I have to say this your higher then thou moral speal about Harry not killing is retarded as fuck and makes litarely no sense

Yes lest not kill the one guard that knows he has magic and that he's got vilarian or how ever it's spelt looks and who is probably a slaving rapist because I'm the good guy and don't kill but let me go an massacre this intire tower I don't actually know is full of bad guys but the writers has super knowledge of these guys fucking with Dany so they die. But I don't kill the priests that kidnap and torture my friend to the best of my knowledge because ones again there's a gorgeous girl there the writer doesn't want to piss off so I can sleep with her or something...

That's what your excuse reads like your throwing all this crap out like HARRY thinks this when it's you not your character he killed about 40 people because eh why not I was there asking about shit and kept walking through doors to much but let's not kill the people that actually affect me because that affects something else in the story... Honestly that's what it is admit it you did kill the guard so the spy master hears about when reality you'd kill him even your crap version of Harry would but you hide it behind "morals" you killed the undying to stop the whole dragon theft in the future and didn't kill or burn the priest and chapel because you want the sexy red priestesses to do their shit and proclaim Harry some super fire lord or some shit it's obvious as day that's what you were aiming for not some

"Harry has a moral boner all a sudden after murdering people who weren't trying to kill him for all he knows"
5/3 c8 darthkratos24
Honestly I think I'm reading this for the shits and giggles at this point... It reads like weird 60s action film with child wonder thrown on it. These people kidnapped and tortured my friend but


I mean dumbledore 23... Ehhh wait no that's not right either oh well you get the point.

Honestly in reality your harry would be dead like super dead it's not even funny how dead he would be if he was actually in the song of Ice and fire would and not some weird cartoon scooby doo version were everyone is dumb ass hell because magic! But no no magic isn't that powerful it's absolutely fucking useless in this Harry's hands he isn't doing anything with it because you have weird thoughts of not making him OP new flash dude maybe don't pick a litarel wizard if you don't want magic actually being bloody magical
5/3 c7 darthkratos24
Wait wait wait waiiiit one yes I skipped this intire chapter to prove one point about how useless this arc is because I bet o don't need to read it so I won't. Two your annoyed at how weak Harry is at this point? It's almost like everyone one was right about you making him to weak what a fuckin suprise. Yes don't make him OP but you've made your harry as useful as a wet fart on in a forest fire! Yes he's 12 remember in this world most people don't live to their 20s! He's at a pretty normal age when 30 is elderly to these guys. Your excuse doesn't work! And before you bitch and moan Jon Robb and dany where 15 at the beginning of GOT...that's an adult to them think about that
5/3 c6 darthkratos24
Honestly the last two chapters have been boring as hell. I get it big things happening yea remind me later what it was I fell asleep and skipped a load of it. It was that boring, also cut down on all the dreams flash backs and bullshit. I swear there's more dreams scenes and flash backs in these last few chapters then every bloody story I've ever read ever
5/3 c5 darthkratos24
I feel bad for wasting my chapter 4 review because that chapter was god awful. If you haven't recently corrected that chapter then I'd say do so now! That chapter is nothing more than Harry works through a door gets a bad feeling leaves and swims a little. Absolutely god awful
5/3 c4 darthkratos24
I haven't read this chapter but I read your answers to some things it's to late so I don't care about both the shit pairing and sudden change to dragons being dumb as hell but your answer to the guy who said Harry should kill everyone. Yes he shouldn't but
A. He just spent an intire year with one of the most non caring man in this intire universe you'd think he'd think less about human life
B. The guys a slaver and probably rapist fuck him
C. He now knows Harry has magic one of if not his most important thing I don't give a shit about how you scream or how much you scream about morals and shite but if you're in that situation currently young with magic and a blood line so sought after they'll hunt you across the world you'd kill the ONE person that can let people know because no matter how much you think no one will believe that mad bastard there will always be someone to believe him ALWAYS! Simply for the fact to see if it's true or not. So in his shoes with that in mind everyone short of a pacifist toddler would kill him at most
D. Yes I know you didn't mean me in that answer but I pretty much said the same thing so I thought I'd answer It
5/3 c3 darthkratos24
He let the other guy live!? I don't care about your stupid bloody moral compass! He should of killed him now the guards raving about not only a kid like that but fuckin magic god's you're Harry is starting to piss me off I'd kill them both to cover my tracks because for a person trying to hide his magic he pretty openly screamed he has magic to the world fuckin retard did bronn not teach him anything in that year!? You'd think you'd get his sense of self preservation over dumblefucks everyone gets to live 6 times over good god's
4/29 c18 Guest
What? How could siri have a hard life with magic lol?
4/29 c15 Guest
Harry should use his animagus form in combat with enemies he plans on killing more often, illusions too

Like making him look like a demon

He could fly high in the sky then turn human again and bombard his enemies from there and the transformation would be so shocking he could use it to dodge attacks like antman

Hell he could do an itachi and make a flock of falcons (even tho falcons dont flock together) and confuse the enemy
4/29 c8 Guest
Im dissapointed that he didnt make the ghost elf train him while he was still alive such a waste dudee
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