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for King Explosion Murder the Shield Hero

11h c2 Guest
Bakugou's speech and just overall way of acting in this story are so OOC that it's laughable.
13h c11 Mr blank
you know
now that I think it over, I get the feeling that Raphtalia will be picked up by Ren when he tries to escape from the church and the two other...devils (they do not deserve to be associated with the word hero) because, well lets be honest, out of all the weapon based individuals, he's the only one that is actually competent, sure he does not act on or usually gets all the right information first but he's the first to realize that the world is both real and has consequences ( I haven't even watched the anime or read anything besides a few fanfics/wiki browsing and I can tell he's the only one that's actually worth salvaging if he can't do it himself despite how improbable that is for him) and the only one who will admit to a mistake and try to fix it. so yeah, while I am unsure how exactly it will go I can see Ren picking up Raphtalia and bailing when the church, the king and the devils light the entire garbage dump on fire, while he flees to Siltvelt to meet up with/ warn Bakugou.
1/22 c11 TheB
Can't wait for Mirellia to get off her ass and stop playing political games before her country goes even further down the drain. Aultcray went completely off the deep end, lol.
1/21 c11 Guest
Holy shit! Trash really lost his marbles here!
1/17 c11 holden tudiks
this is really great the action, pacing and character interactions flow very well though bakugou could use some character development I'm not sure if you plan for more later but right now he's a smidge bit of a Gary stu not much mind you its still readable and that's always a win in my book

ps it would be really cool if he got the pride shield (because honestly I don't see any other one working for him) then later gets humility shield for concurring his pride and it'll round out his character arc nicely
1/15 c11 6KingJGamer
Why am I imagining Ren being trained by Kozuki Oden? Also Oden and a new Whitebeard Pirate Crew lead by Whitebeard with Raphtalia and Keel as commanders (they were saved by Whitebeard and Oden) create an alliance with Ren and the town he governs.

Man, I have been reading a lot of One Piece...
1/15 c11 SentinalSlice
No not Ren!
1/13 c11 Guest
It'd be ironic if a brutal hero that acts like a rude delinquent stopped a war between siltvelt and melromarc.
1/12 c11 Guest 2
It looks like Melromarc and Siltvelt are on the verge of going to eat (that is, if Melromarc doesn't enter a civil war first). Aultcray, Malty, the three heroes church, and many nobles wish to see the demi-human's dead and the people of Siltvelt hold great prejudice against humans and this "Tiger-man" wishes to see Melromarc fall.

I don't know why, but this makes me think of the song "Savages" from Pocahontas, especially the part "destroy their evil race, until there's not a trade left". It makes sense because both sides talk about the subject on genocide, killing, and war.

I'm interested in seeing how all of the develops and what will Bakugou do to end the war.
1/12 c11 Red John
Awesome chapter. I'm really glad you're going off from the canon series by adding your own original content. It makes it so much better than copy-pasting Bakugou to an already existing story. So it seems that this Tiger-man is the one in charge of Siltvelt. From what I've learned, the Hakuko (one of the 4 groups that dominate Siltvelt) are suppose to be tiger demi-humans. Is he related to that group? If he is, then it's interesting since the Hakuko lost a lot of power after the war with Melromarc, though they still hold some influence.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Bakugou will learn of two Hakuko that are connected to Aultcray's past. (They are not in Siltvelt at this point but he might consider looking them up in the future). Anyways, I digress. I look forward to seeing the rest of the Siltvelt arc.
1/11 c1 L
I wast thinkin in one important point to the next chapter; the classes up, as now the Shield team finally could get their classes up after a lot time, so could be interesting to see the matter of the class up in Silvelt.

Well, to considers the privilegied position of Bakugou as the shield hero, he would be treated like a god, and his team would be treated with the same respect, allowing them that the church of the shield would be willing to provides them their best service regarding the class up. So, even before to starts the class up process, perhaps one of the priests could asks the shield hero if he already absorbed some of the sand of the dragon hourglass, to that Bakugou can confirms them that he don't absorbed this yet, to that the priest gives Bakugou some of this sand and he can unlocks the "Dragon hourglass shield", that is a series that has interesting and very useful skills, like allows to the hero see the date of the next wave and the exact time that left, this series also gives the hero the power to teleportation to known places, and other notable function of this series, is that this allows to the companions of the hero get great boosts and advanced class up during the process, giving Bakugou and his team the access to advanced classes up, and the power of teleportation.

And perhaps even with this new shield, the priests could also brings other special relics and objects related with the dragon hourglass, to could gives them access to even more advanced classes up, to that Neia, Kirishama and Rino would get a very powerful classes up.

And the best part, regarding the classes up themselves, i thinks that Neia could became an Aqua shaper, that would means that her power of the water magic could be increased exponentially, to the point of that her water attacks became more powerful, and even she could get a control of water element to the point of could gives shape to the water in different objects, particulary weapons like water swords, much like the water control of Mera from DC universe, and even she could conjures this water weapons using the moisture of the environment, making a Neia a versatile, powerful and deadly warrior. In the case of Kirishama, perhaps he could get as class up a new kind of dragon species; an Arch-Emperor dragon, that besides to counts with the normal powers of an emperor dragon species, Kirishama could get the capability to talks human language, like Filo, and even could get the capability to transform in a human form, like Filo, allowing to Kirishama could even apparents be a dragon demi-human. And Rino, to considers that she is a mage, maybe the class up turn her in a Elemental Sorcerer, that could means that she would be capable to casts her spells without says long magic words, making more easy to Rino cast magic, and more powerful than ever. But in the case of Melty, i don't sure if she could needs to uses the hourglass of Silvelt, because maybe to the point in that she reaches level 40, the possible war would already ended, making that Melty simply returns to her mother, making unnecessary that Bakugou uses his influence to makes that Melty can uses the hourglass.

And besides to get awesome, advanced and very rare classes up, perhaps thanks to the dragon hourglass shield and the other relics, as other side effects, Neia, Kirishama and Rino could get huge boosts of all their stats, and even could get a more higher new level cap than the normal level cap post class up, like that their new level cap could be level 200, than the normal of level 100.

I hope that my suggestions be of your like.
1/11 c11 Guest
Also, talking about insanity, i thinks that to considers the eager of Motoyasu and Itsuki for goes to the war to could kills Bakugou, it is pretty obvious too that both are acting now out of insanity than stupidity, because to analyzes their behaviour, Motoyasu and Itsuki acts like so called rightful people, that thinks that all their actions are always rights, displaying a narcisistic attitude with an anti-social behavior to be incapable to accepts their mistakes and both showed certain indifference for the people that suffered as result of their actions, showing a attittude that implies that Motoyasu and Itsuki aren't simply stubborn and stupid people, but they are actually insane and crazy people, with a psychotic issue that makes them prone to commits crimes and acts like the victim or as the heroes.

And as the king, Motoyasu and Itsuki don't even bothers in hides this behaviour from the people, and even one of them accuses Itsuki from killed his cousin, and the bow hero coldly boasted this "feat", showing to all them the insane people that they have as heroes.

To be honest, even if somehow the pope manages to forces Ren to joins them, is unlikely that the nobles and people that showed their refusal to enters this war, would be persuaded, as they already saw that the king, the spear hero and the bow hero are a bunch of crazy men that aren't capables to takes accountability of their actions and consequences, and the Bitch is a sociopath that don't gives a shit for anyone than her, and don't has qualms in manipulates and says lies, as Bakugou proved it earlier.
1/11 c11 Guest
To be honest, to this point the actions of the king aren't result of his stupidity, but this is result from the insanity, because it is pretty obvious that after of the last audience with the shield hero, the king lost his last traces of sanity, as he became obsessed to hunts Bakugou down, regardless the opinion of others, showing how much crazy is this so called monarch.

And to considers that the king don't even bothers in hides this attitude from the nobles, i guess that the people could starts to considers Aultcray as the Mad king, for his extreme and radical mindset and decisions to promotes a war without strong evidence to justifies it
1/11 c11 Guest
The author didn't do much with anything really.

I like those Reality Ensues moments, Yes, The Shield Hero should have gone out of this shit country. No, a shitty blue haired is not enough to convince an offended party, that's retarded.
Yes, Aulcray and Myne's sheer idiocy should be noticed by many people.
No, going to war is a bad idea, especially done for stupid motives, with very clear and low chances of success.
Yes, people should notice that the living nuclear weapons are not only weak but also incompetent.
Enslaving Ren, ultra kek.

You did good.
1/11 c11 6Heracelio
Love the evolution and exploration of the unused lore.

I’m shure it’ll be epic. Aultcray is soo detrimental in this version of Melomarc that he might get executed before the Queen returns! That is bad!

Siltvelt fanatism just convinced my personal belief that god had to run away from the world because of mad zealots. not out of fear, but out of wisdom) Bakugo might do that too.

Keep up the quality and happy new year( and health).
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