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for King Explosion Murder the Shield Hero

3h c18 Captain Imaginat
ColossalBlackening Don't Worry I'm just giving ideas for BKL777 to use as punishments for King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki I'm not going to force him into doing them just contributing to what retribution King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Isuki will get for their crimes I won't make him do them only put in suggestions as I'm letting have free will to make his choice. Also I love you suggestion it makes Malty's retribution even more satisfyingly degrading and enjoyable.
5h c18 8colossalblackening
Honestly, while the thought of them being killed has intrigued me, I much prefer to see them properly and justifiably punished. It's like the saying goes "for those with no forgiveness in heart, living is an even worse punishment than death". Plus, I actually look forward to seeing what you have in store for Trash and Bitch. Besides, if it's gonna throw your original story off, it's better for you to stick with what you've got. Feel free to be open to suggestions, but don't forget that you are the author and this is your story. Don't feel pressured by what others think.

And if I can add a suggestion, when Malty is pleading for her life like in the anime, you can have Bakugou drag it out. With a smug grin, he states that his hearing is off and asks for Malty to repeat it over and louder, then say it again while addressing him as the great and powerful shield hero while calling herself a bitch and licking his foot. I definitely see Bakugou doing something like that, given his personality.
18h c18 Zhangha1
I recently got into the anime and wanted to check out the fanfics and I gotta say yours is definitely one of the best on the site. Honestly loving the ruthlessness of it compared to the anime. Can't wait to see where you take this next!

As for whether or not to kill off Aultcray and Malty, I would say let them live but give them a brand keyed to Bakugo for a while but I could care less either way lmao.

Keep up the great work :)
23h c18 Captain Imaginat
BKL777 what I meant to type was that I tend to go overboard and get carried with these things doing that with a-lot of fanfics and fanfic crossovers.
23h c18 Captain Imaginat
BKL777 sorry about that I got carried away with it and went overboard I tend to do a-lot with fanfic and fanfic crossovers. I understand that too so no hard feelings BLK777. Also aside from keep up the good work and Hope to see more of King Explosion Murder The Shield Hero your doing a magnificent job making it.
5/23 c1 L
(To the Author)

I understand, sorry about that, i just was excited for the story.
5/23 c18 2BKL777
Captain Imaginat and L, I’m trying not to interfere with reviews and comments and I don’t want to censor anybody, but can you not cog the whole review board with constant reviews and comments to each other, I understand you just want to express your opinions and suggestions and you have a right to defend your opinions as I do fon my own, but when almost an entire page is filled up with you guys commenting to each other that might a sign to tone it down a bit. I’m glad you both like the my story and appreciate the reviews and suggestions, but it's starting to get a little much at this point. I hope you 2 can understand.
5/23 c1 L
Yeah, that Bitch, Trash and the stooges suffers XD
5/23 c18 Captain Imaginat
L I know right.
5/23 c18 Captain Imaginat
L me too I’m so ecstatic and eager to see King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki with justice being served so severely and harshly. I also hope that he doesn’t show any mercy too.
5/23 c1 L
5/23 c18 Captain Imaginat
L I’m with he’s got no reason to get upset over it as lots of commenters are guessing what King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki’s punishments will be before the eighteenth chapter he shouldn’t get worked up over and put in his suggestions for King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki’s punishments. After all we’re not threatening him, belittling him, degrading his work or saying hurtful things we’re just predicting what King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki’s punishments will be he shouldn’t get mad over it and actually join in after all it’s fun and enjoyable to type in what King Aultcray, Malty, Motoyasu and Itsuki’s punishments will be.
5/23 c1 L
Anyway, we can only waits for the next chapter, to see which could be the punishment of Trash, Bitch, Motoyasu and Itsuki. And i can only hope that their punishment be so harsh and cruel, that can makes that i can almost feels some pity by them, almost.

Well, i just hope that the author shows no mercy toward them in the next chapter XD
5/23 c1 L
I agreed, besides, i don't understand why Guest is angry, as we only were commenting some suggestions about the punishments for the next chapter, we won't sent any flamer commentary to the story.

I mean, instead to critizes us, Guest could simply shares with us his/her ideas or suggestions about some possibles punishments for the idiots, to that the author can has more information and inspiration for the fates of Trash, Bitch and the stooges.
5/23 c18 Captain Imaginat
L what I meant to type was they're drifting apart from reality and got their head in the clouds.
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