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for King Explosion Murder the Shield Hero

2h c10 Jxgod
being a dad really changed ren for the better huh
12/3 c23 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
12/3 c23 12ICantFindAnotherName
OMG My apk was broken and I didn't get notification for new updates and now here I am, 2 months late to this epic battle Kyo that bastard is so hard to die abdhdhd I wonder how the story would go from here, Bakugou got isekai'ed, TWICE. Surely the reaction will be more than explosive. Anyways, great chapter as always, author! Stay awesome!
11/25 c9 nicolas
bueno sobre lo de rino según vi en el Animé la adaptaron de manera diferente
en el manga es una joven de ojos azules de unos veinte años con una complexión mediana, de la estatura de Malty. Posee el pelo largo y rizado de color dorado con un ahogue en la parte superior.
En cambio en anime es una chica de cabello rojo corto, con vestimenta de bruja, de estatura baja
al parecer usaste la versión del anime
11/14 c23 zanzara
After watched the episodes 4, 5 and 6 of the Season 3 of Rising of the Shield hero, i was wondering if your Ren in this story will finds another way to unlocks his Cursed series?

I ask, because to considers that your Ren opened the eyes thanks to the influence of Bakugou and accepted that this world isnt a game, adding the fact that the Sword hero truly made a real contribution in the conflict against the Spirit tortoise, this without doubt will implies that Ren won't deals with the same predicament like his anime/manga counterparts, specifically, the fact of become an outcast and be scorned by the people, as right now Ren and Bakugou will be recognized as the true heroes for all their contributions and deeds. Unlike Motoyasu and Itsuki, who certainly will ends being the target of the hatred from the people, even more than in the anime/manga, for directly be responsible for unleashed the Spirit tortoise, leading to that both even get an arrest order for their crimes.

Nevertheless, regarding Ren, to considers the tragic outcome of some of his teammates, in that they ended crippled and forced to an early retirement, i wonder if Ren could be affected by some notable guilt sentiment, and this can leads that he unlocks some Cursed series. And to considers that this Ren is different from his anime/manga counterparts, this even could means that his possible Cursed series in this story shouldn't be necessarily the Greed and Gluttony series, but it could be others, like Wrath or Sloth series.

- Wrath series: as maybe Ren deep down could feels some rage for let down his teammates, and he could manages to unlocks this Cursed series during a battle against an enemy that be provoking him, like the mysterious assassins that came from S'yne's world, like that they be taunting Ren for the outcome of his teammates, and have the nerve of be insulting them to says that they were weak, leading that Ren become enrage for this irrespect, making him unlocks the Wrath series and uses it to smite them.

- Sloth series: maybe Ren during some point after this conflict, he will be notably overwhelmed by the guilt of that some of his friends ended crippled, and this makes Ren feels himself useless in some level, causing that this depression leads him to unlocks the Sloth series.

But regardless which Cursed series can unlocks, i guess that Raphtalia and Scarlet could become his emotional support, much like Rapthalia and Filo with Naofumi in the anime/manga, allowing them to helps Ren to overcome the influence of the Cursed series, and that Ren can snapped out from this darkness with the support of his teammates, making unnecessary that Bakugou has to knock him in senses, like Naofumi did in the anime.

I though in this theory, because to considers that Bakugou unlocked the Wrath series during his time in Silvelt, and will be likely that Motoyasu and Itsuki will unlocks their Cursed series in the aftermath of the Spirit tortoise arc, i would likes to speculates if Ren could also unlocks some Cursed series, to not be the only Cardinal hero without some Cursed series in this story.
10/18 c23 Guest
do more pls
10/15 c23 7CriticaofRandomness
Probably the greatest MHA crossover fanfic to date. I love how Bakugou is still himself just now unbound by the people who were his superiors in Japan yet he is still a true hero

But now Kyo's world sounds a lot more technologically advanced if Kyo has stasis pods with extra bodies
10/15 c23 10Robotech275
Ah yes, erst enlargment decapitation high quick shield. I can see you take most inspiration from the anime. Gotcha.
10/11 c23 Gamerthepokemon45
Radom question, but where did Ren’s aquaphobia comes from?
10/11 c23 Blockyblob
if i'm not mistaken Ren's party dies completely , even if they're injured they're still alive
10/10 c23 2Nightshadegirl
wait... how is kirishima able to eat the familiars and not be turned? i really look forward to the punishments that motoyasu and itsuki get... are they going to be imprisoned and tied up since they're unconscious now?
10/10 c11 Vortozan
The pope is probably in the weakest position ever to start a coup. I’m glad he’s gonna get ruined from his own stupidity
10/10 c23 10Robotech275
90%?! Damn, this tortoise more hungry than Naofumi’s that only needed 2/3 of the population!
10/9 c23 blueassassin996
all right a fitting end to that battle, with Bakugo in one place and Ren in another I hope we get to see both sides especally the aftermath for the 2 idiots and their companions who abandioned them.
10/9 c5 Vortozan
This is my favourite incarnation of Bakugo I’ve ever seen and there are some out there that are incredible. Holy shit this story is 14/10 easily.
Thank you for the read!
- Vortz
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