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for (Rusted) Ebony Shackles

9/28/2020 c3 LL
Damn! Fucking cliff hanger. This is an amazing story mane. Hop u continue it
7/5/2020 c3 just a reader
hey man, you gonna make a new chapter for this? If you could update your profile or something to show that this masterpiece is being written it would be appreciated.
4/10/2020 c3 1ShadowofDemons
I need the next Chapter...
12/28/2019 c3 WeberCode
Next Chapter!
12/18/2019 c3 2Malgrath
FIANLLY! I've been waiting for this, chewing up my nails and everything
11/21/2019 c2 Vercingetorix Rex
I am happy to see a second chapter posted so quickly.
I can't find your writing "crappy"
Believe me, I've seen a lot worse than you!

Sleeping Knights, is this a Sao reference? :D
because i'm a Sao fan too

Poor Ichika! he had just started a cult without wanting to do it!
It's going to be hilarious if the same thing happens again at the academy!

will there be lemons later?
11/20/2019 c1 Malgrath
If we're going with him being a 'Mage' I want Ichika to be able to spontaneously grow a wizard's bread
11/17/2019 c2 Malgrath
yeah, you've caught my interest, it's definitely out there and a little hard to believe but I just binge-watched Death Stranding so I guess I'm a little used to that. Besides this is this suppose to be entertainment, and consider me entertained. Do wish that you poked in on the Orimura girls to what's happening to them but beggars can't be choosers.
11/17/2019 c2 19Viperhat
I'd definitely say continue it if that helps. You might unknowingly have a goldmine here.

Though i would certainly try not to get lost writing journal entries. XD Though this was fine since it was more of a set up than anything else. Though some scenes or situations would have likely had more impact if they were written in the time they were taking place. So we could get more of an honest and less reflective feel for how Ichika was feeling and thinking. Especially the fights against Laura and Tatenashi.

The plot is a far different take on the series from what i can remember, I don't think i've ever seen a story here where Madoka is essentially taking Ickika's place whilst the man himself ends up going rogue. So props for that.

Although, given how much ichika has learned, i have to wonder why he never let Madoka learn of his survival. I get the whole 'i must get stronger to make them proud' schtick, but it seems a bit cunty to keep her in the dark. But i don't know why i'm complaining, watching characters suffer is my favourite past time. XD


11/17/2019 c2 6Hikori Takeo
This is actually rather fun. Sorta magic/elemental manipulation power IS. Looking forward to more updates~!

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