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5/31/2020 c11 34Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Interesting introduction to these characters and their world. I can't wait to get to know them better through the long stories you have planned for them!
1/9/2020 c10 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
What a fun story to end on (for now, anyway!) I haven't read The Lure of the Italian Treasure, so I don't know who to trust here. I can't wait to read this one in its entirety - a crossover with the Hardys, Nancy, the Danas, and Bret sounds super fun!
You're very welcome for the reviews! I've enjoyed reading them all. Looking forward to Secret of the Old Mill!
1/9/2020 c9 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Arden, Sim, and Terry remind me a lot of Nancy, Bess, and George. In fact, I thought at first that they might be them with different names, lol! I have to admit, it threw me a little when I came to the part with Astro being an alien. I haven't read the Tom Corbett series, so is Astro an alien who looks basically just like a human or what does he look like? Now you've got me curious...
Kinda glad you changed the reason behind Sim's nickname. The she/him blend is a little cringeworthy. Plus, it is a fun nod to the Sims, being a crossover and all. Now I guess I'm going to have to start watching your other account for stories, too!
Great job!
1/3/2020 c8 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Yay! Two stories at once! This was another interesting one. Somehow, I have a feeling that Brad, Roger, and Bill are in for an exciting summer!
Ohh! How exciting! Does that mean we're only two weeks out from the next Hardy Boys book? (Two stories next week to make ten stories total, and then the first chapter for the Hardy Boys the week after) Plus, Valley of Diamonds and Clue of the Broken Blade will be fun. That's cool that you're able to start posting them so soon! I'm looking forward to seeing Red tackle that mystery instead of Frank and Joe. Thanks for posting! Hope you're having a great new year!
1/3/2020 c7 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
This is a fun little story. I have a feeling that Alice's host family is going to turn out to be the Drews. It will be interesting to see the American Nancy meet the French Nancy! Of course, if they are going to exist in the same universe, it is a good thing if Alice is a little different from Nancy ;) I've always thought it was interesting that the characters get renamed in translated books, and even more so that sometimes, some of the names stay the same. I've never quite understood the reasoning behind it, since I would think it would be better to keep the names the same all across the board to make it easier for people to recognize them. However, it does create a unique opportunity for you to work with here!
12/28/2019 c6 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Another great one shot! So, Sally is friends with Nancy, eh? I could see them and Penny Parker making quite a trio for some reason. XD I think it's kind of interesting how well reporters and amateur detectives go together in stories. Plus, it's cool because a lot of Stratemeyer Syndicate ghostwriters were reporters themselves.
I totally get the problem of having ideas for an entire series all at the same time, lol. I'm having the same problem at the moment, to be honest. The good news is that this series might not be too disjointed. Also, a fanfic for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island sounds cool. I'd love to read that!
I'm glad you give that note about the actors in the series. One of my pet peeves is when "fans" are total jerks to actors because they don't like the script.
I have to say that I really liked Midnight in Salem. It wasn't my all-time favorite of the games (it has some stiff competition there) but I felt it was a worthy addition to the series. Or, rather, a promising beginning for basically a new series, considering it's a different team, different engine, and different Nancy voice. I think if you look at it that way, it's easier to measure it on its own merits.
12/20/2019 c5 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
I've read this one before, but it's a really good one. As I mentioned before, I think the sibling-like relationship between Frank and Amos is one of the best parts. You know, I'm not sure if these shorts are making it harder or easier to wait for your next book - I mean, it's great to see glimpses of these characters but it's also making want more and more to read your longer works!
I do not like picking on Carson and Fenton, either making them into sleazeballs or killing them off. They're some of the few really positive fathers in fiction, and Nancy, Frank, and Joe are some of the few characters in fiction to be lucky enough to have a great dad and have a great relationship with him. Why would anyone want to ruin that? Just why?
Easter eggs are fun in adaptations, but only when they're not the only thing about the adaptation that's similar to the book. Not to mention that they're better when they're really, really subtle. I think I'll have to rewatch the 70's episodes that I really like or the 2007 movie, when I have the time. Or else just replay some of the games.
12/13/2019 c4 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Oooh. I really enjoyed this one. Once again, I've never actually read any of the books about these characters, but I have heard of many of them (well, obviously I've encountered Miss Scarlet, lol). I'm finding myself very interested in what's going to happen with this story and I have a feeling that it would turn out something like a Clue game, between Miss Scarlet and the "colorful" guests, as well as three of the main characters having colors for names (Red, Violet, and Beverly Gray - I'm assuming Beverly and Sandy would come to be main characters later in the story) and the emphasis throughout of color. Plus, there was such a foreboding feeling throughout the story, I'm wondering if Mr. Hughes (oh! I just got that one, too!) really will make it out alive.
I'm glad I haven't been watching the CW show. I really haven't heard anything good about it, and I've read thorough summaries of several of the episodes that almost threw me into a rage right then and there. Now a George/Nick romance? Ew. One of the things I've always appreciated about the original books was the almost complete lack of relationship drama. Sure, Nancy or Bess will occasionally have some guy flirting with them and Ned or Dave will get a little jealous, but I can literally only think of two books where that's a major part of the storyline. Relationship drama is so overused in everything else that Nancy Drew would be a great series to keep free from that but they've missed their chance. Anyway, it's funny you mention the two movies. I've been sitting on the 2019 one and the Bonita Granville movies in my Amazon shopping cart the last few days, trying to decide whether I could justify spending the money on them or not (I already have the 2007 movie - one of my guiltiest secrets is that I actually honestly enjoy that movie, even with all its faults).
Thanks in advance for reading my story. I hope you like it - it hasn't turned out quite as well as I would like, mostly because of low motivation and not as much time as I would like to work on it.
12/5/2019 c3 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
Great short! It feels like it should be the beginning of a longer story. I'd really like to see what happens to these characters in Africa. Rose and Ralph both seem like fun characters in particular, and I think Dorcas would be pretty entertaining in a treasure-hunting expedition in Africa (almost like if the Hardys took Aunt Gertrude along on one of their adventures!). Then, too, hunts for fabled treasure are always fun!
11/22/2019 c2 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
This was a fun little crossover with several different series! It's nice to see them all as friends. I especially liked the interactions between Cherry and Charlie. We don't often get to see siblings with a normal relationship (not too over-the-top close and not borderline hating each other) so that's cool!
Sounds like you were not a fan of this week's episode! Lol. To be honest, I thought the ghosts looked pretty pathetic in some of the previews I've seen, so I'm willing to believe you about this one. Of course, Nick would break up with Nancy. It's a teen drama, so they have to have lots of pointless relationship drama. So many shows have been spoiled with this endless cycle of characters breaking up and getting back together again, and it sounds like this one really doesn't need extra problems. I hadn't heard about Hulu developing the Hardy Boys. *Sigh* Unfortunately, I have approximately zero confidence in TV these days, so if it's a good show, that will be awesome, but I'm going to hold back on my excitement until I've at least seen a preview. I didn't care much for the new Nancy Drew movie - not because it was too "childish". Honestly, as far as that goes, I thought it was great. It did feel like they were bringing a Nancy Drew mystery to life. My problem was that their Nancy was too crass and just overall didn't feel like Nancy. Still, sounds better than the CW series!
11/15/2019 c1 Elizabeth Joan-hbndgirl
This is an excellent start to your collection of short stories. I'm glad you're pursuing this idea, which will probably be a lot of fun. I'm not familiar with the characters from this story, and I don't recognize any names for sure, so I'm not sure which series they're from. Even so, this was an exciting short story and well-written, for, even though I was dropped in the middle of an action scene amongst strangers, I wasn't lost about what was going on. I'm looking forward to more!
I don't think I'd like Nancy getting that much help from a ghost, either. Once in a while, I'm fine with it if a mysterious ally gives Nancy a nudge in a particular direction, but I like it much better when Nancy actually solves the majority of the mystery herself (with help from Bess, George, Ned, and occasionally Helen, of course). Besides that, it sounds really boring to me for Nancy to get helped by a ghost. Obviously, the ghost knows what happened and could just tell her from the start. There's probably not much hope for them turning that around for this season, but maybe if a second season gets ordered, they'll drop the whole ghost thing.

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