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for A Third Chance, For Bismarck, and Iron Blood

10/17 c5 LoneRider-09
I look for the next chapter, Herr.
8/25 c5 1Jack Lycan
You should definitely have RWBY and JNPR join the Ironblood also more Prinz hitting on Jaune.
6/11 c5 4Rinter215
Blake thinks she’s seen the horrors of Warfare. Wait til USS Enterprise enters. Strike Hard Strike Fast Strike Often.

looking forward to more
6/5 c5 necros434
Alright pretty good so far I'm interested I'll read a few more chapters
- a few spelling mistakes in the first chapters cleared up by the end
-I like the Ghostly Crew
- overall I like the direction this seems to be going
- definitely feels like you're trying to force team Ruby and Bismarck to stick together I know you have to do it for the story but definitely feels a bit haphazard and even cringey in a few places, then again you always seem to follow that up with a see i really like so I understand why you have to do it
- in some places it seems like you have to force Bismarck to act OOC it seems to be clearing up a bit too
In conclusion

You seem to have some pretty decent ideas for what you want the story to be but you seem to be having some trouble with the incompatibility of some characters and compatibility of others

So you've brushed over and forced your way to the bits that you really want to do and to your credit they tend to out really good

So far the good outweighs the bad

I love Bismarck so probably I'll probably try to leave a detailed review on new chapters that you publish with the story excited to see more
6/4 c5 1onearmedduck
epic :)
6/1 c5 Guest
imagine if taihou, roon, akagi, takao and friedrich catch wind of jaune...thats gonna be fun XD
5/24 c5 csshadow349
I hope that the plague does not take any more people
Great chapter I look forward to seeing the next one.
5/14 c5 Gutte
Oh, this is getting somewhere now! I'm invested in Akagi and the subsequent chaos that may happened. And as long as you leave Akagi as our familiar insane fox (and single, no pairing for her) then I'll be content with this story!
5/14 c5 guest
i think im the only one who got Call of Duty 2 German propaganda audio flashbacks after she opened fire lol

nooooow if we could get some WW2 camera recordings and scare theses little kids lol hahahahaaaa
5/14 c5 Guest
Eugen teasing Jaune? YES PLEASE! KEEP IT GOING XD Also Sirens in remnant? Oh boy this is gonna be wild. I do hope that if Azur Lane crosses over that they unit with Red Axis again cuz the sirens grimm are a much bigger threat. Keep it up dude _ Cant wait for the next
5/14 c4 Guest
Just one request: for prinz eugen x jaune That is all. other than that, im loving this
5/14 c5 1Gamerman22
Don’t bring him to life, let Adam stays dead as his unmarked grave. And Azur Lane Yamato design is finally finished, look what she looks like. Plus I lost a interested, you brought Adam to life.
5/14 c5 1Ultimate Kuuga
Hood at the bottom of the sea: *said to Adam* “First time? You’ll get used to it.” Great chapter, good to see it updated.
5/2 c3 joeyginise
I hate the anime name for wisdom cubes, Mental cube is so clunky to say. wisdom cube just sounds better
3/10 c4 4Rinter215
Knowing Bismarck, Oh man, Pyrrha world not survive the initial fight. Also be nice to get all Ironblood in the seas. And independent. Too many stories have character align with Oz or Ironwood without even hesitating.

Glory to Ironblood. Bring in Scharnhorst. I need to see my one-eyed raider.
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