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for A Third Chance, For Bismarck, and Iron Blood

2/13 c4 13JAYSEN
Akagi? Okay...The shit has officially hit the fan if that psychotic yandere is now in Remnant along with the nightmare known as Prinz Eugen. Jaune will never know a moment's peace.
1/22 c4 Guest
Mama Friedrich der Große of Ironboold is coming...
1/21 c4 Some Weebo
Friedrich der Große is coming, isn‘t she?
The big Mama of Ironblood
1/10 c1 Mirage Wedjak
Oh boy, Prinz Eugen appeared. The "lucky" kiergsmarine's ship that kept surviving despite seeing many of her comrades sink before her. In a way, that is more or less similar to Crow's semblance. Actually, THEY SHOULD have a momment. Not only the misfortune thing, they are BOTH drunkards. Conversation over drinks, maybe?
1/7 c4 1Ultimate Kuuga
... Why the heck did I have a feeling that Eugen will tease the hell out of Jaune? Great chapter.
1/7 c4 pedro117
What a good chapter this I hope continues with the story I am intrigued that other ships appeared in this story I really like
1/7 c4 4MageTGM
OOF. Bisko (Biscuit XD) and Prinz (Pringles) and now Akagi. Welp. This is I want moar.
1/7 c4 Kayman141
So Akagi of the Sakura Empire has wound up in Remnant as well. If she's here, will the other Sakura Empire shipgirls such as Kaga, Takao, Zuikaku, Ayanami, Yukikaze, Mikasa and many more will wind up here as well?
1/6 c4 1Gamerman22
I wonder how will they reaction to Akagi, I have feelings Blake will be asking a lot question about her. She is Nine-Tailed Fox, Kyuub or Kitsune.
1/6 c4 Shen69
Why would James and Bismark discuss sensitive topics openly like that? That's not hoe high-ranking military personnels do things. I get that you want to further the plot, but please don't ignore the characters.
This story is very promising, though the execution could be way better.
12/27/2019 c3 1cdm
Nice looking forward to more updates

Maybe we get somthing like Team BTPH (Bis-Tirp-Prinz-Hipper)
12/16/2019 c3 Gamerman22
Remember this: Mental Cube or Cube of Wisdom have remarkably untold powers, protect it no matter the costs, if it's at unworthy hands, Remmant will be destroy.

Follow for now and I'll think about the link as I see how's your story is process and I don't want it to turn dark.
12/14/2019 c3 4MageTGM
I third chance indeed. I wish you good luck and fair waters in writing this because it is quite interesting.
12/13/2019 c1 Dracus6
Captain America and Izetta the Last Witch
Iron Man and Azur Lane crossover
12/13/2019 c3 4Rinter215
Fair winds, Captain Lindermann. Our countries may have been on opposing sides, but there’s no denying a good commander of the seas.
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