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6/5 c33 Look Pancakes
love the Golden Sun reference
5/30 c39 Guest
Honestly, I had a lot of fun rereading this story plus the new chapters since I read it. The last few chapters have certainly been a change of pace, and I *have* enjoyed it, though it also feels a tad rushed in terms of leveling speed. I recognize that they have both the enchantments to increase XP plus still the buffs from the Shield, but if I’m counting right they got dozens of levels in approximately a day or two? I also understand the idea of not wanting to draw out this segment overly long - it practically could be a standalone story if you did that, so I’m not exactly complaining, either.

Either way, this sequence reminded me of a debate between Matt Mercer and Brennan Lee Mulligan on Milestone vs EXP based leveling systems. I’ve transcribed it below as best as I can:

You know and I know that if you’re not careful, a group of bozos will become demigods in an amount of campaign time less than three weeks.

“Oh no!” the evil emperor says. “A group of people met in a tavern last month and now one of them is the most powerful cleric of the god of the sun in the world. How did this happen? I don’t know, they found a cool dungeon that led to a forest with a little bit too many monsters. And now they are a match for every one of my generals.”

We all have been there. It takes a week and a half to become one of the most formidable mages on the planet, and you go meet some, y’know, arch-sept of powerful wizards that’re “I have studied long and hard-“ “Studied long and hard? Why? I got here in three weeks!”
5/30 c39 Chris4939h
Well that is an interesting twist. Those modifiers should certainly allow Shirou to use his Light/Shadow affinities more, but I'm more interested in the harmonization of Element and Origin. Especially that scene of Shirou inside UWB. Maybe we will see UWB getting developed? And let's not forget about Shirou's increased Divinity Stat. That certainly will also have implications.

Also, go Alta! Go get that man. Maybe you can even have Shirou for yourself? You never know with Shirou's ability to attract women.
5/30 c38 Chris4939h
Author, please ignore the comments from "vinayakdj1". It is clear that he only offers minor constructive criticism and the rest seems to be just bashing. Bashing without even knowing the source material. Some things that he "criticizes" are the same in canon. Just ignore such a person.
5/30 c31 Chris4939h
The cast battling in the Fifth Holy Grail War? Yeah, I almost feel sorry for the others, almost.
5/30 c16 Chris4939h
Just wanting to say: I love your story. Top Tier out of all Shield Hero fanfictions.
5/25 c39 Retro2
oh shit, they fucking now O/O
5/22 c39 Yackser2281
congratulations on your new home author. Thank you for giving us this wonderful chapter. I have wanted Atla and Shiro to become a couple for so long and it finally happened and this moment made me very happy. Now it's time to wait for Shiro and Atla to meet Naofumi again.
5/20 c39 REYZERO
Ya duerman está historia
5/19 c29 vinayakdj1
Stupid author and your brainless drivel...

Naofumi and party spend few months fighting and can already cast high lvl spells... without even needing higher lvl magic books...

Meanwhile Malromarc, with his decades of experience, skill, genius intellect, staff weapon and wartime exp: am I a joke to you?
5/19 c28 vinayakdj1
Wtf man... Is this going to be the trend? Fukin atla being a OP Mary Sue?

A blind cripple her whole life and suddenly she unlocks new heights of power...yeah yeah, shield hero party...fitoria blessing...yada yada... But possessing the physical equilibrium to ride a gale wind spell and do rapid acrobatics that would make a Olympic gold medalist cry rivers of blood, is straight ass!

I know it's useless since you are already 10 chapters ahead of my this but I'll say it again... Undeserved growth. Convenient timings. Nonsensical power levels
5/18 c39 The Combo killer
I've always wondered what would happen should two people from World A have a child in World B. Would they be a resident from one world or the other, maybe even both. Seeing how things are developing maybe you can explore this question in detail.
5/15 c39 SaintLeiker
Thanks For the chapter! Congratulations on your new house
5/14 c36 1EVA-Saiyajin
Good battle, with a fun cliffhanger.
5/10 c39 kacpernowak2984
I'm not sure how far along are you when it comes to the source material, but I hope you won't pull a vl. 15 on us. When it comes to the current story, I really like it, and I can't wait to see what was happening to the main group in the meantime.
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