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3/9 c2 25NewMystery356
Another great chapter. Shirou’s warming up to him, even if only a little. That he can Master shields faster by feeding it more stuff is also a clever twist~
3/9 c1 NewMystery356
A phenomenal start. I wonder how Shirou and Naofumi’s ideologies will clash, and where they will NOT.
3/8 c38 Matthew Dionisio
Hey, Emblem. I have to say, I love what you are putting out here, even if it seems like people are saying some things that are negative about Shirou here in this story. But, I have to ask you a question, can you make a chapter involving the LIST of Weapon Forms that Naofumi now has, in this fanfiction of yours. I have to thank you for giving me part of the inspiration regarding my Shield Hero OC, Eliana Watanabe.

But seriously, I am wanting to know what kinds of Weapon Forms along with their abilities and stats are, as well as the events regarding Kizuna and what will become of Shirou and Atla when they DO escape this dungeon? Can you do that?
3/3 c20 Suzuran Kishigane
The 4 Cardinal Heroes, Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield.

The 7 Star Heroes, Axe, Hammer, Gauntlet, Claw, Staff, Projectiles, and Whip.

The 8 Vassal Heroes, Fan, Scythe, Book, Boat, Katana, Mirror, Music Instrument, and Harpoon.

I dont know where Carriage, Sewing Set, and Chain Fits in though.

But may I ask, do you anyone who made a Fate x Shield Hero where the Male Ritsuka Fujimaru is instead Summoned as the Shield Hero, a Few Days after the End of Cosmos in the Lostbelt, which he's able to Contact Chaldea and only allowed to Summon 4 Servants with him, and decided to Choose a Saber, Lancer, Archer, and Shielder for the Fun of it?
3/2 c17 Suzuran Kishigane
I recognize Atla and Fohl Names. I tried researching on to why the Trash King hated the Shield Hero and found out that it's because he believes his own Little Sister was killed by a Certain Type of Demi-Human, O think it's the same Type that killed their Parents or something. I'm unsure what Race specifically, but I found out that, in truth, his Little Sister wasn't killed but was Saved by the same Species, specifically, I think, at least 1 of them, possibly due to some cheesey Story like Romeo and Juliet, but Romeo's Family decided to take things on their own Hands and the next time Romeo's Family is about to do the same thing to his Juliet, he decided to attack and run away with his Juliet.

For some reason, I picture that Little White Haired Witch Looking Girl and that Human Cursed into looking like a White Tiger Beastman who's looking for a Cure for it being Fohl and Atla's Parents.
3/2 c14 Suzuran Kishigane
I wonder if this Watcher is Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg?
3/2 c12 Guest
old lady gives off ishin the sword saint vibes
3/2 c32 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
Naofumi laughing so evily cracked me up!
3/2 c31 Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
Th chapyer was a an amazing eyegasm to me! So carthritic to see Itsuki het his shit shoved up and twisted!
3/2 c11 Suzuran Kishigane
You should definitely do a Reading of this. I could clearly see Shirou's Girls giving him a Look as he paled, and I do mean when it comes to the Helping with and without asking for something in return.

Hell, i could even imagine Rin pointing out that this is what Archer is warning him about.
3/2 c9 Suzuran Kishigane
Could you do your own "Parties of the 4 Cardinal Heroes WatchReact toRead Sword and Shield" with an Addition of Shirou and what looks like his Harem. Aka Shirou Emiya himself, with Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, Artoria Pendragon, Luviagelita Edelfelt, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu Emiya, Chloe von Einzbern, and Mordred Pendragon. With a Major Difference of them Being older, Artoria obtain his own Living Body, and this Version of Mordred is actually the Daughter of Shirou and Artoria, while the Saber Servant Mordred is the Child Mordred's Caretaker and lastly, all of these People are a Part of Chaldea.

Let's see, Shirou is born around 1988 and Artoria's new Mortal Body is the same Age, and if I went with the same Age of when Artoria technically have Mordred, then she'll be born at 2014, a Year before the Grand Order, at 2015. Both Shirou and Artoria would be 27 Years Old then, and since the Grand Order lasted up until 2019, Shirou and Artoria would be 31 Years Old, with Child Mordred being 5 Years Old. Rin and Luvia are the same age as Shirou so 31, Illya is 2 Years Older aka 33, Sakura is a Year Younger aka 30, and both Miyu and Chloe are 6 Years Younger aka 25. For Fun, Illya summons both Caster Class Irisviel von Einzbern and Assassin Class Kiritsugu Emiya, Baby Mordred herself, being a Powerhouse, Summoned Saber Class Mordred and Archer Class Emiya, Artoria Summons her own Roind Table and treat Artoria Lily as her Little Sister, and lastly, Shirou Summons Saber Class Sengo Muramasa. Miyu and Chloe are Rayshift Compatible but not Master Compatible but they own their Mystic Codes known as Class Cards which made them Temporary Pseudo Servants, Rin, Sakura and Luvia aren't Rayshift or Master Compatible, but Sakura still have Rider Class Medusa, and to the dismay of Rin and Luvia, they need to use Ruby and Sapphire Kaleidostick to even be Rayshifted Compatible.
3/2 c20 Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
Rational Ren, always a pleasure.
3/1 c38 1DragonL0RD
Amazing fanfiction so far! Excited to see where this goes, and I’m assuming since they are here anyways, that Shirou is probably gonna get the katana vassel weapon, would also make sense with his already katana-like weapon.
2/28 c6 6Rankin de Merthyr
Keep reading hearthyguy
2/26 c38 10PsylentFox
Looking forward to the continuing Adventures of Shirou and Atla. lol Glad to see that this story is still going strong.
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