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2/11 c38 RED BELL
thanks for the chapter MAX [imgexp][imgexp][imgexp]
2/11 c38 Ayanokoji Kiyotaka
Good chapter
2/11 c38 keybladelight
Well at least shirou is back in us adult firm but still the mind of a child.

Well happy that Atla is getting her sweet moments have shirou to herself she need to have the time to make her notice her love to until her true love rival king of knights arrives to take back her sheath when they go to Shirou's earth.

When they gonna meet the hunting hero.
2/11 c38 Ariel Juarez
Oh man, the sheer potential of having the "Possessed Equipment" to unique nature of people like Shirou and Atla are endless. Now that I think about it, isn't Shirou technically "possessing" equipment to do his bidding like a spirit or ghost in human form? Its surprising he hasn't turned into an Ancient Apostle yet in these worlds with his "condition" alone...
2/11 c38 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. I hope you have a great time at your upcoming parties and special occasions. Also, I wanted to wish you an early happy birthday.
2/11 c38 4Eternity456
Awesome chapter and I enjoyed the progression of Shirou and Atla’s relationship. Shirou is finally starting to acknowledge his feelings for Atla. The monsters were rather interesting as keep up the good work.
2/11 c38 8Jebest4781
Pretty nice on how this was done here. Keep up the good work as usual.
2/11 c38 1SentinalSlice
Great chapter! I’m loving the rare candies because it’s giving them what seems to be a base boost and not an increase in stats from leveling up, so I imagine it should translate to the other world perfectly fine.
Here’s a question, if Shirou was complaining about the lack of Naofumi, why didn’t he use the legendary weapon replica to get a copy of the shield?
One other thing, while I love the level up to the sword, I can’t help but hope Shirou eventually no longer needs the Samurai’s Grace ability, it would be cool if he could become so skilled on his own. Hopefully he can still get more skilled despite having an active assist whenever he uses it.
Shirou thinking weird thoughts about Atla, bad Shirou, she’s still a kid, I mean so is he mentally, but he did say he preferred being in his adult body.
I’m looking forward to Shirou reaching a point in skill or level where he doesn’t need to use a special move every time, just seeing him using the blade without magic would be cool to see, especially if he goes up against a lower level hoard.
And lastly, Shirou has got his first giant sword! May they continue to grow bigger and more ridiculous!
Great chapter. And happy early birthday.
2/11 c38 Dasgun
2/11 c9 jovanni0427
completely understand but i feel like the limited impact shiro does have on the story could have been explored a bit better by having 2-3 chapters in his pov.

limited suggestions, "team" bonding, combat and how he is improving, how fast they are able to grind with the extra pair of hand, him trying to cook for them maybe? etc.

even just a couple snippets in his pov while he trains his magic and or sword play would bump up his presence wich feels kinda lacking unless there in fight.
2/7 c32 i.amdizzy2
Story just keeps getting better and better . Shirou is The Shields Blade . They need to respect em.
2/1 c37 Kirill
Hi, thank you for your efforts and labors.
1/29 c37 gabedane
is this the same dungeon/labyrinth that Kizuna is trapped in?
1/29 c36 yonatanl26
1/29 c35 yonatanl26
Good Work
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