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1/25 c31 CalmingDownReading
pls do a Shirou x Saber
1/24 c37 GrandSaberEMIYA
This new arc is a big change of pace! It’s also sorta refreshing to see them starting from level 1 where they’ve gotta be very careful with levelling, it also emphasizes the usefulness of their life force attacks. So far I’ve found it very enjoyable to read and really look forward to the next chapter!
1/24 c37 billdean19
good Chapter nice pacing and a pretty attention grabbing fights.
also filled with a lot of sweet moments that I’m going to get cavities
nice work can’t wait for the next one and thanks again
1/22 c37 tank2u1wood
Well not sure how I feel about the dungeon arc honestly. We'll see how it goes though. Also the rare candies amused me.
1/22 c37 3coronadomontes
1/22 c37 shadow0080
Love the ne elements you've adapted to the world.
1/22 c37 avtoros
This became very entertaining, even with the restart and being left in a dungeon, Shirou and Atlas handled it very well, recovering in record time, and it is very funny how the worry of having ended up in another world takes a back seat in Atla's mind when realizing that she has Shirou to herself.
I can't wait to see how her relationship improves by literally just having each other in an enemy world.

It will be interesting to see how Naofumi, Fohl and the rest take Shirou and Atla's disappearance.
More Fohl, who unlike Atla's happiness, he would be desperate and depressed, and (as said in another comment, very ironic) he lost his sister just like Aultcray, literally for both of them his younger sister (Atla and Lucia) They disappear but in reality they end up somewhere else with the person they are in love with (Shirou and the father of Atla and Fohl).
I am excited to see how they will handle the situation further when they meet Glass, Larc and Theresa again in the spirit turtle, it will definitely be a violent encounter.

I'm also curious if you would use characters like Syne, I mean by not showing her in the coliseum, it would be interesting for her to be in Glass's world and join Shirou at some point in the arc or something.
And we all know where you got the rare candies from, the pokemon drug, even in another universe they never fail.
1/22 c37 Chris
I get the impression that you’re probably regretting giving the Wandering Cross Guard Gladius such a long name. How many times did you have to type that phrase in this chapter? Thirty-something?

Also, as if you weren’t being an obvious enough Pokémon fan, you added Rare Candies.
1/22 c37 9youngmark
Prophet of Lies, L'Arc and Therese didn't keep their levels when they went into the Shield Hero World. What happened is that Waves are BOTH Worlds stacked together. So, in L'Arc and Therese's case, they farmed levels in Cal Mira and when the Wave struck, their 2 sets of levels stacked together, becoming more powerful in the Wave than in either world separately.
1/22 c37 The Prophet Of Lies
I don't mind the reset it is kind of cool even if it doesn't make sense with how the invaders kept their levels. Would be cool way to change shirou's race from raccoon to something else to be the reason for his reset. But I am always looking forward to more
1/22 c37 Temsen
That's fun dungeon crawler so far. Plus some nice bonding moments between the two, well done!
Though I hope they get to keep at least some benefits when they return.
1/22 c37 FFPhoneAppUser
...its a rougelike dungeon
1/22 c37 IHTP
Great chapter and beginning of a arc! The fear of the protagonists being in danger was something that had been missing for a while and this Dungeon was good at showing that. The interactions between Shirou and Atla are always wonderful and cute.
1/22 c37 Dasgun
1/22 c37 4Okaze
They're having a rough time, but they're doing well. Eager to see the next chapter.
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