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5/4 c12 rexlapis863
Sasaki Kojiro be dimension hopping like Musashi and spreading his seed lol
5/4 c11 rexlapis863
lmao, wat da hell is Kojiro's sword doing in 'ere?
5/4 c1 Zekiel Ash
Congrats on the new house author!

Glad the dungeon crawl seems to be at an end soon enough, the idea of it has been an engaging one. Also that last boss reminded me of Igris a lot, if that wasn't the idea I have to say it fits perfectly with his theme. Another thing I'm glad about is the first mention of UBW, I'll admit I wasn't expecting it to look like EMIYA's right from the beginning but it's nice that the world is reflecting more of Shirou that only his dream and his desperation to fulfill it.

Also I just can't forget to mention hat my girl Atla has had patience up until now, and it has run thin. You sir are evil to leave us in such a cliffhanger. Again, gratz on the new house and I'll be awaiting the next update
5/4 c10 rexlapis863
hohoho, Kanshou and Bakuya eh?
5/3 c18 star
i wanted to ask this in the previous chapter but why is the old lady 72 years old now? shouldn't she be 90?
5/2 c16 star
the ending confused me...if itsuki didn't know of the strengthening methods for his does his companion know?
5/2 c15 star
Too thick of a plot Armor... poor legendary heroes who are not naofumi. Not being a main character means they don't get all these convenient bonus and boons any time soon
5/2 c12 vinayakdj1
Do demi humans also gain intellect with living up?
The way Shirou was acting in this chapter, his battle tactics, thought process and more, is not something a 12 year old, pre-grail war Shirou should be capable of...

Wow meeting a master roshi like old lady who can help them with some knowledge of the inner workings of the world as well as technique that harness some form of ki, awfully convenient doncha think?
I think I speak for a good majority of my fellow readers when I say you both left us on a EXCEPTIONALLY EVIL cliffhanger and that we're happy Atla DIDN'T end up raping Shirou out of impatience. Good job
5/1 c39 10Primordial Inscriptor Z-09
i guess this is a congratulations chapter, both for the author and Shirou's first wife.
Boy am I gladyou did Atla true justice!
5/1 c39 Greyfox2
Thanks for the new chapter & congrats on the new home!
5/1 c5 vinayakdj1
Finally an attack boost...
Though 3 attack would be like a baby biting his mother
5/1 c4 vinayakdj1
Wtf? Complaining multiple times about not lvling up his attack but also doesn't let the shield absorb shirou's broken knife...

A weapon, even if broken, would have a higher chance of giving an attack boost than body parts
4/30 c39 Christopher
Honestly, for as interesting as the dungeon crawl was, I’m glad it’s over so we can hopefully start trying to get back to the rest of the gang.

Speaking of which, I wonder what they’ve all been up to?

A nice little nod there to the Vassal Katana. A weapon which will doubtless prove to be magnetically attracted to Shirou if he so much as sets foot within the same county as it.
I mean, we know it went out of its way to attach itself to Raphtalia in canon, but Shirou here is more skilled at swordplay, more practiced specifically with eastern style blades, explicitly striving to earn the title of Hero in his own right, probably a descendant of the legendary Muramasa bloodline, as well as gradually ascending as a God of Swords. That katana’s going to be all over him.

Anyway, congrats to your brother for the wedding, and congratulations to you for the new house!
4/30 c39 GrandSaberEMIYA
Congrats on getting your own place!

For the chapter, the dungeon crawling seems to be at an end! The last floor boss was a cool and deadly one, a fitting end for the dungeon. The special rewards and all of the candies Atla and Shirou have accumulated must have made their stats insane, especially the multiplier divinity and origin effectiveness. Then there’s Atla and Shirous relationship, naturally going through this they’ve grown closer which has culminated in the end of this chapter. I can’t wait for the next chapter and for Shirou and Atla to make their way into the world and test out how their stats and abilities compare with others in the world!
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