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4/28 c39 aguastar
Good luck with your house, and i love the history. shiroxatla Forever
4/28 c39 Temsen
That was certainly an epic battle. Though the boss fight did kinda remind me of Igris from Solo Leveling.
Good that they cleared all the sub-bosses, really maximized those stat gains. :P
Atla is having her growth spurt, isn't she?
Shirou's Reality Marble (mental state?) is gradually improving, very nice!
And grow up she did, lol. Though Shirou is rather rude, given that his first thought of her was "heavy".
Damn, she really did not waste any time, haha. Exactly how one needs to deal with Shirou. :D
4/28 c39 1orion0905
Figured that would be that with the pair. Nice set of fights. I wonder what caused the knights to go berserk, the loss of the Vassal sword perhaps?

And we all know that Atla is very proactive, she will be deeply annoyed to return to her younger body when they go back to the shield heroes world.
4/28 c39 Matthew Dionisio
OKAY...! That was quite the journey that Shirou is going through, but what the HECK is going on at Naofumi's side? It's been a while that we get anything regarding him ever since Shirou may have been warped into the Infinite Labyrinth.

Also, I WASN'T expecting Atla to now become a fully-grown Hakuko adult at the age of 18, and... well, her undergarments to be torn when Shirou finally woke up, but BOY that escalated QUICKLY!

And the fact that his soon-to-be-known Reality Marble, "Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords" is now bearing life, a full moon bearing overhead AND the gears in the sky being reduced to HALF, is he going to become less of his canonical self when it came to magecraft? And IF he comes back to his world, what would EMIYA Archer think of him, now that his Reality Marble has CHANGED significantly!?

I know that I SKIM READ through all of this, but those factors, AND the Amplification Elixir that multiplied their base power by three? THIS would probably make Shirou THAT overpowered, but... if you're planning to get to the Vassal Kanata at some point, if Raphtalia and the others FINALLY get there, would Shirou get that Vassal Katana or will he give it to her to save his arsenal? I know that I'm typing all of this as a guest, but I wanted to say SO many things, Emblem. Also, welcome back. - 9:14pm/April 28th, 2024
4/28 c39 Uday Sra
4/28 c39 Mernom
If Atla's reecovery stems from her genetic disease being corrected, it stands to reason that her eyesight would recover as well. Naturally, as someone who never experienced sight before, she would not know how to deal with it at first.
Seeing her acclimate to her eyes can be an interesting sub arc on it's own.
4/27 c39 Bigotes15
Pretty good chapter, the dungeon final boss for some reason kinda reminds me of Lord of Cinder Gwyn lmao, at this point i wont be surprised if they can match glass and co on their own world, i wonder if they will encounter the hunter hero

Pd: looks like the king of knights will have fierce competition with heavy advantage in the future…
4/27 c39 1LycorisXMyosotis
LETS! FREAKING!GOOOOO!My OTP is finally REALIZED!THANK YOU! Shirou's reality marble is looking so different from other variations, so exciting!
4/27 c39 Guest
Some strange stat bonuses, there. Atla only got a 3x bonus towards abilities related to her combat style. Well, "only" is a bit much. That is still a lot. I'm guessing the other bits are set up for later. Not sure how Atla would benefit from singing, but maybe that reviewer is right that she will start turning into a priestess.

Which might be a bit disappointing. Her fight scenes are some of the best.
4/27 c39 keybladelight
So Atla as finally made her first move kissing Shirou well can wait to see his of Atla brother see shirou as a brother-in-law just for joke for Naofumi teasing Shirou like a little brother I always saw Naofumi and Shirou are like sibling Naofumi the eldest brother and shirou little brother I want to see if Shirou see him like a brother since we'll the fire of fuyuki as take everything from him so he got to experience a father, a sister (not illya but taiga) a brother (Naofumi) so I wonder if one of the female heroines could be a mother figure to Shirou since he never met Irisviel which is sad Irisviel would've love shirou just like in the illya prismaverse so I hope a female character mature can be for Shirou a mother figure for him.

Since Atla as finally kiss Shirou then I hope she ready for the consequences in love because when they go is earth hope she face her true rival the king of knights Artoria Pendragon so can wait for Atla face her rival in love to win shirou's heart bur hope shirou choose Artoria when they go to is earth.

Hope the next chapter the hunting hero appear and meet Shirou and Atla or hoe much chapters left you make Naofumi and the other green hair girl appear in the other world that they are so that Raphtalia can become a Hero just like is master Naofumi.
4/27 c23 Okamiluver00
Atla is gonna be their version of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star

Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
4/27 c39 6Lucem Yoru
Wow, congrats! Hope you are enjoying life :D

Well that happened. Lots of cool action this chapter and good job on writing it, but seeing UBW showing Shirous improving mental health and Atlas growthspurt were probably the most impactful part, even including the absurd stat gains. I can think of several people that are gonna flip when the party reunites.
4/27 c39 Guest
Sick loli doggy, upgraded!
4/27 c39 Undeen
You know with Shirou having Divinity and Atla having Holy Magic Affinity, is she going to be looking to become Shirou’s personal High Priestess, devoting herself mind, body and soul to her “god” and hopefully raised up as his equivalent to an Angel, or Divine Servant so she can remain with him forever? It has to be asked.
4/27 c39 Sonic2610
Reading the chapter again I noticed something and I wonder if it was a coincidence or if you did it intentionally: the total number of Shirou's personal boost are the same of his Magic Circuits, 27 and Atla's 29. Also congratulations about your new house.
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