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4/27 c39 Undeen
You know with Shirou having Divinity and Atla having Holy Magic Affinity, is she going to be looking to become Shirou’s personal High Priestess, devoting herself mind, body and soul to her “god” and hopefully raised up as his equivalent to an Angel, or Divine Servant so she can remain with him forever? It has to be asked.
4/27 c39 Sonic2610
Reading the chapter again I noticed something and I wonder if it was a coincidence or if you did it intentionally: the total number of Shirou's personal boost are the same of his Magic Circuits, 27 and Atla's 29. Also congratulations about your new house.
4/27 c39 Sonic2610
Love the chapter, didn't expect that huge boost for Shirou an Atla and even less that ending, not that I complaints but still, you caught me off guard with that. Now Fohl will really want to rip off Shirou's head.
4/27 c39 Sulfuricape859
Congratulations on the house and take your time
4/27 c39 4fangs of death
Great chapter. Atla finally gets through Shirou head(hopefully). Pretty sure her brother is planning shirou’s murder now and Rishia is probably screaming in rage knowing that Atla is now ahead of her.

Love how Shirou reality marble looks . Congratulations on the house.
4/27 c39 LeapingLizards0808
Thanks for the update, congrats on the house!
4/27 c39 Lorenz
Thanks for the chapter and i hope you will update soon :)
4/27 c39 1EnkiduKingu
Raphtalia will cough up blood when she learns that Alta beat her in the race of adulthood
4/27 c39 1SentinalSlice
The power creep is real. I wonder how they managed to beat something that was about 40 levels higher than them? And since he used to be alive, obviously had access to the same rare candies and amplification potion that they were rewarded with. It doesn’t make too much sense. They now feel very over powered. Likely stronger than their entire party combined back home.
And Shirou got a boost to UBW, tracing should become much easier.
I was a bit surprised that none of the fire enemies made Shirou have flashbacks to the Fire, especially the Wyvern that covered the entire room in fire.
Same with the flame and shadow lord, fire and shadows sounds a lot like Angra Mainyu’s cursed fire after the 4th grail war.
I think one of the things I’m most interested in is the 4 times increase to Shirou’s divinity. I wonder if it will start having an effect on the world around him, like in the age of the gods. Heck, maybe if it gets high enough, and his origin and nature get more harmonious, perhaps UBW could start manifesting around him naturally all the time. Like a small radius where he stands is overwritten. Like a divine spirit or one of the earth spirit dead apostle ancestors. That would be awesome!
It would also give him the Merlin effect, which is that wherever he walks flowers appear, except for Shirou it would be the vibrant green grass, and it would only exist around him.
Lastly, couldn’t Shirou read the history of the sheath to find out what sword was housed in it?
Oh, congrats to Atla for finally growing up. Shame she will become a kid again if they go back, unless Shirou can somehow attach stats to UBW.
4/27 c39 CoconutGoSkrrt
Oh damn, it happened. Real zero to sixty, too. Went from first first kiss to first time in one night right after the girl became legal, too, lmao.

Seriously, though, I’m happy you didn’t beat around the bush too much. Seeing two people dance around each other and only confess at the very end is kind of overplayed by now. I’m excited to see their actual relationship dynamic now that they’ve both accepted it.

Atla would naturally take the lead in their relationship, and since she’s not a tsudenere I think it’d be interesting to see. She’d be up-front about her feelings while Shirou tries to understand his.

Looking forward on seeing how Shirou’s distorted mentality works into the relationship, as well. Bringing in his reality marble was a good decision since it can be used as an effective expression of how Shirou’s mentality is fundamentally different and what that actually means. And with a forward partner like Atla, Shirou would actually be pushed into working through it.

Well, good luck with the next chapter. And remember, you can never have *too* much Shirou x Atla fluff.

Also congrats on the house lol.
4/27 c39 4Luos27
4/27 c39 Archer headass
wow shirou and atla coming back to the others as a grown up couple might be a big shock for them haha.
kinda hope shirou and atla are really romantic moving forward and i dont mean just lust.
shirou is definitely the unintentionally romantic type and i could see atla pushing for marriage as soon as possible
4/27 c39 Plooyer349
A blessing from the lord!
4/27 c39 KashundraOtsutsuki
Congratulations x your house
4/27 c39 4Okaze
Congrats on the new house! It's awesome you were able to do that.

On the topic of the chapter, I'm super hyped to see just how strong Shirou and Atla have become thanks to the candies and the amplification. Also, incredibly happy to finally see these two get together!
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