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4/27 c39 1PersonaNinja Lux
Naofumi is gonna arruve like a week later than his kids and see that they already have a kid of their own
4/27 c39 shairetdin
Я боялся что ты бросил нас.Как и многие из всех авторов
4/27 c39 JonnyBoboThe1st
Yo thanks for the chapter! It was awesome as always. The fights were 10/10, and the rewards were jucy!
4/27 c39 3Lyrista
Well Atla certainly is proactive in stress testing that new body. RIP Shirou's pelvis.

Still they deserve some downtime
4/27 c39 shadow0080
Worth the wait ! Great work
4/27 c39 Guest
Atla is now an adult.
Does she has now a similar appearance of Sakura Matou?
4/27 c39 eguito814
una capitulo muy interesante, las peleas bien hechas y un comentario extra, ahora debes cambiar la portada
4/27 c39 RED BELL
4/27 c39 RegulusCetus
Alta pushed forward with absolutely no hesitation.

Also Shirou is accepting bubbles thats neat.
4/27 c39 Artyk04
congrats on your first house!
The fight scenes were spectacular, the fate of the paladin that became the boss was tragic but I am glad that he had an honorable ending.
And the end! Atla is an adult! And maybe they have 6 together. Although am not the greatest fan of Lemon on the fanfics that I read, I don't mind it from time to time. Either way, thanks for the chapter, ongrats on your house and have a nice... day? week? month? more? and until next time!
4/27 c39 8Jebest4781
Pretty good on how this went here. Keep up the good work.
4/27 c39 Kamori I'm The Infinity
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Shirou put it.
4/27 c39 silverhawk88
Whew! That was another good fight chapter. The hey both seem to have progressed well getting stronger that they may be stronger than when they were on Naofumi’s world.

Also all I can say is Fohl is going to be shocked completely at his sisters growth and even be more shocked that Shirou and Atla are together together. Can’t wait for his reaction and also watching her use those pressure points on him again. Or maybe they will actually talk about it.

Anyway congrats on getting a new house and can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you for posting this chapter as well!
4/27 c39 DRaG0Ns
Good Luck!
4/27 c39 Ayanokoji Kiyotaka
Atla’s ultimate perfect supreme godly victory achieved.
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