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4/9 c38 Obamna
I honestly can't wait for her to just grow already I want them to get together and her being stuck as a kid has gotten old already. Also I'm still scratching my head as to how they'll get to shirous world in a later arc and when they do does that mean that they'll both deage again as well as delevel
4/1 c38 25NewMystery356
All caught up. I’m a little sad, but it’s also a phenomenal story that took Shirou in a whole new direction, and I’ve loved every step of this journey. I definitely ship Shirou and Atla, especially after that moment at the end where she waved her Best Gurl energy around. I wonder if those Rare Candy boosts will “carry” back to the other world when they’re done. That and if they’ll meet the Hunting Weapon Hero.
Keep up the great work, eager and pumped for more in the future!
3/26 c37 NewMystery356
EXP-boosting gear truly is broken~ As for the dungeon crawling, I can dig it~ Atla getting to snuggle up to Shirou and also purring was adorable, and I wonder if their relationship will deepen any, or if we’d have to wait until she’s “grown”…
3/25 c36 NewMystery356
Weaponizing Rucolu fruit… now THAT is something I’ve never seen before~ As for that plot twist at the end, I didn’t see it coming in the slightest, but given Shirou is going to re-spec on the other side of that Rift, I imagine Atla will have a good time with that alone. Though I’m not sure if it’ll be as a Racoon Demi or something else since he’s ALREADY a foreigner. Sad I’m almost caught up, but too eager to put it down.
3/25 c35 NewMystery356
Atla getting her outing with Shirou as he went “Skill Hunting”, transitioned wonderfully into the contrast of L’arc and Therese’s chase/fight through the woods and into the beach. I had no idea which way it would go with that back-and-forth, but that FINISHER… phenomenal~
3/24 c38 CalmingDownReading
uh... rereading it... I feel like if the Holy Grail War arc will be a Atla Vs Illya fighting over Shirou while he just trying to be a brother to both of them. (They are both a Bro-cons!)
3/24 c38 Guest
This remains one of the best Shirou centric crossovers out there. Atla is again aiming for a house and at least two kids ASAP and Shirou has no idea how to deal with it. You already put him through the paces of character development. So, he doesn't need the usual to become more human. Going to be highly entertaining if/when he returns since he is now a non-human divine spirit. Gil and Alaya would not like that.
3/24 c34 NewMystery356
Atla is Best Girl. Plain and simple. Her dialogue is all golden, and that wrinkle at the end has me intrigued. I idly wonder what Motoyasu has been up to, but I don’t care THAT much.
3/24 c33 NewMystery356
Power Leveling at its finest. Wonder what “accommodations” the Queen arranged for Bitch and the Bitch Boner.
3/23 c38 Some random guy on the interne
At first i was kinda sceptical of the "young Shirou in Shield hero" thing, but this story is amazing. I love how you aren't afraid to make changes from Canon while still keeping the characters feeling like themselves. I am already looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep up the awesome work!
3/22 c32 NewMystery356
So ex-princess Bitch just dug herself deeper. I wonder if they’ll slap a Curse Sea and Magical Contract stop that Slave Crest. Although, I feel like not having a sword skewer down next to his junk was a missed opportunity; but that’s just me.
3/22 c31 NewMystery356
Awesome flex, and now I kinda wanna see a story about Shirou reverse-reverse Isekai-ing back home and fighting in the Grail War with Naofumi and co.
3/22 c38
I'm looking forward to the next chapter
3/21 c29 NewMystery356
Aultcray just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper. Fight choreography was phenomenal with the active use of terrain, and Naofumi’s triple-boost was just the thing to find them in the Alps~
3/21 c28 NewMystery356
So Naofumi and Motoboner are within spitting distance of one another. He’s clearly sided with the King, though it doesn’t seem like Trash had been brainwashed by Itsuki.
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