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5/25 c26 Guest
This is beautiful. All your stories are beautiful. Emu and Parad's relationship is so hard to grasp because, yes, how do nornal people like us grasp two people who can become one, and have the same soul? Their relationship is so hard to grasp but so beautiful and loyal. And the way you write them makes it clearer to understand.

Curious though, has any other authors wrote about how the othwr Kamen Riders grasp the situation; like in the Heisei generations Final, when Emu and Parad became one before attacking the united Mogami? Was expecting at least a reaction, especially from Ryuuga, if they saw right in front of then that Parad went into Emu. And when Parad beforehand explained to Build that he and Emu becomes one person to be invincible, he didn't question the "one person?" part. Well then again, everyone of them has their own uniqueness. Like Ankh, and God for Kouta. But i wanted to see at least a reaction, if assuming they didnt know :

Just read your works this week, and been nostalgic about the series since the pandemic made me return home from college and been binge watching missed movies. Thank you for sparking my love of this series, and Emu and Parad

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