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3/23/2020 c19 11OMAC001
So Catra's off to save the Horde cadets! Good on her! Stupid that she's going alone...
3/21/2020 c18 OMAC001
Oh, crud!
3/20/2020 c17 Pokelover619
Keep safe. I wish the best for you and your country.
3/13/2020 c16 Aurora Skipworth
3/1/2020 c16 Aurora Skipworth
CATRA AND WHO?! Uuuugh! I’m an extremely curious person, and now that you leave it off sat a cliffhanger, imma die. Right here, right now. I’m literally planning a funeral. But, the way you said that, it makes it sound like she’s gonna y’all with someone who you would have never guessed, so my first thought is “catra and bow will talk.! but, if you really think about it, I feel like either squoirpia , ( is that how you spell it?), or Entrapta will talk to catra, because those were the only other people catra ever REALLY made any sort of cinnections with. As always, love your work, this is awesome, and wow, this is turning into a really long review! :3
2/28/2020 c16 Anona Miss
Will we see any more of Entrapta and Hordak interactions?
2/28/2020 c16 Guest
Robotech275: update: exists
Me: i am speed.

Great chapter and im exited for when da king and catra are gonna talk
2/27/2020 c15 Aurora Skipworth
Ok, so it’s the 27th, and I just got around to reading your latest chapter, and I feel like every time I finish a chapter the next is only a day or two at the most! I’m very excited! This is really good, but i feel like this story is going to need more than just one chapter to wrap things up, so I hope it keeps going, but if it doesn't, I think this will have a good ending. (Cause your an amazing writer) I need that :3
2/29/2020 c16 OMAC001
Knowing Catra it was very unlikely she would admit defeat even when left with no choice.
2/26/2020 c15 Guest
Omg this chapter is awesome as always. And you are giving us updates on when you will post. Thanks you.
2/28/2020 c15 OMAC001
First true battle in the War against Horde Prime! Hopefully Shadow Weaver will finally get what she deserves...
2/23/2020 c14 Aurora Skipworth
Ok, I’m officially dead now, but I guess catra will be joining my dead people club :3. Oh, and also, the review i wrote about not having the chapters, well I just have really bad WiFi, so it didn’t load. :3 I CANNOT wait for the other chapters, but I’m also Kinda sad that this only has 2 more chapters left. T-T But, yeah, as always, good, wait no, AMAZING writing.
2/23/2020 c12 Aurora Skipworth
Um, it’s been 3 days, and the next chapter still hasn’t come out. I’m just super anxious to see what happens, and its killing me to have to just wait. But good for you, because you seem really organized, and to have your priorities straight. So, good job, but IM DYING OVER HERE, SO YOU MAY WANNA FINISH THE NEXT CHAPTER. Literally, I’m already planning my funeral
2/22/2020 c14 Guest
Omg yes thank you
2/22/2020 c14 Pokelover619
Catra’s actions led to Angela’s entrapment, while Micah’s inaction led to the genocide of her people and her subsequent kidnapping/enslavement. I don’t think he comes out on top of the moral spectrum in this case. She is literally a monster of their own making.
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