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for The Last Stand

1/4/2020 c9 Guest
Hey I have a question
Where is imp in all of this? (Hordaks flying spy/pet)
Is he hiding or did you forget to include him into the story?
1/3/2020 c9 Guest
It was at this moment that i gave up
1/5/2020 c9 11OMAC001
Can't wait to see how this all turns out!
1/5/2020 c9 srhod3n
yoo im really exciting for all those conversations and GOD adora carrying catra. thats all i asked for christmas. im really enjoyinf the story btw
1/1/2020 c8 Guest
PLEASE have Entrapta save Hordak pleeeaaase!
1/1/2020 c8 Guest
Thank you for this chapter
Also OH BOI Entrapta is gonna mess something up bc she saw hordac. Welp the mission is screwed
1/2/2020 c8 OMAC001
Nice start to the escape!
1/1/2020 c8 srhod3n
maaan i need chapter twooo. the reuniooooon! the reunioooooon!
12/23/2019 c7 Guest
love it!
12/22/2019 c7 Guest
Great chapter
I loved that Catra was able to resist Horde prime and how you write her character and thought process
Its just amazing keep it up.
12/22/2019 c7 OMAC001
Nice show of strength by Catra!
12/21/2019 c7 44umi ryuzzaki1
i love it! i can wait for to do the chapter where shadow weaver is sick i cant wait!
12/15/2019 c6 Guest
This fanfic is good
Also plottwist there ends up being rebels on the ship inside the walls that take glimmerl in making it harder for adora and co to find them. Then while catra is talking to hoard prime, glimmer tells the rebellion that they need to get catra as well to which they are reluctant. Adora and co get on the ship. Glimmer and the rebelion meets Adora and co but hoard prime captures them. Catra thinks Glimmer left her as well and talks to her in the prison cell. After some heart to heart convo Catra leaves only to break both groups out and self destruct the Hoard Primes ship.
12/13/2019 c5 Guest
Believe me we all are enjoying it
And we'll be counting the days till the next chapter
12/13/2019 c6 Arya.Harlock
Writing and extraordinary rhythm, pauses and suspense fall like a glove.
The plot and development are well thought out and processed perfectly.
Keep it up, I'll be looking forward to the next chapters!
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