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for Jake and the Neverland Pirates season 5

7/26 c19 Cameron McIntyre
Who's robert
7/25 c18 Cameron McIntyre
Have cubby falll in love with jane
7/20 c17 Cameron McIntyre
You could bring the grown up darling siblings
4/7 c16 Cameron McIntyre
I like to see the next chapter of this story
3/26 c15 Cameron McIntyre
Don't make jake retire
3/26 c15 Anonymous
be more specific
3/24 c14 Caseen
3/23 c14 Cassen
Pls update today, and I think they shld stay, eh idk
3/22 c14 It's a hooman
Im loving this so much please update tomorrow, and also make the chapters longer to
2/5 c1 Dark mysticas
Can u also do cat's request, I would like to see it.
2/3 c12 Darth Nominatis
On chapter 104 of the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic mega Colosseum part 8 dreamland cup, we see the pirate team enter the arena with a hologram of Mechrilla appear in saying (Mechrilla [welcome back to the mega Colosseum, today the pirate team will be fighting in the dreamland cup, let's see if they're able to make it]) and with that starts the tournament (seed 9: pirate team[Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron] vs Waddle army[waddle dees{5x} cappies{3x}])(seed 8: pirate team vs scarf riot[scarfys{4x} monster axes{2x}]) when they got to the seventh seed they saw Tiff, Tuff and Waddle Doo enter the arena while Escargoon and Kawasaki came in on a tank with Tiff saying (Tiff [it's good to see you again, Ultron] Ultron [you too, but I'm guessing this is no time to talk, right?] Escargoon [afriad so]) and with that starts the battle (seed 7: pirate team vs dream team[Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon, Kawasaki and Waddle Doo]) when they took them down they saw them getting on the tank and Escargoon said (Escargoon [it seems the four of you are stronger together, see you in the final cup]) with the group exiting the arena the pirate team continues the tournament (seed 6: pirate team vs waddle troop[waddle dees{9x} scarfys{5x}])(seed 5: pirate team vs cappy army[cappies{4x} monster axes{8x}]) when they got to the fourth seed they saw Kirby and Meta knight enter the arena with Meta knight saying (Meta knight [the four of you are very strong when your together, but you mustn't hold back, and neither will we]) when Meta knight tossed a sword into the air and Kirby inhaled it and became Sword Kirby and with Meta knight pulling his sword starts the battle (seed 4: pirate team vs star warriors[Sword Kirby and Meta knight]) when they took them down Kirby got back up and jumped around cheering for the pirate team's victory until Meta knight caught Kirby and said (Meta knight [be careful about Dedede, he's been acting strange] Ultron [thanks, we'll keep a look out]) when Kirby and Meta knight left the arena the pirate team continues the tournament (seed 3: pirate team vs waddle alliance[Waddle Dees{15x} cappies{8x}])(seed 2: pirate team vs scarf armada[scarfys{10x} monster axes{6x}]) when they got to the final seed they saw Dedede enter the arena but he wasn't saying a word until he held out the dream key in his hand and made a bright glow when it was over they saw Dedede wearing the super armor with a giant hammer only for Ultron to say (Ultron [I guess it's time we do this]) and with that starts the battle (seed 1: pirate team vs Dedede/super armor) when they took Dedede down the crowd cheered for their victory while Dedede walked out of the arena and whispered (Dedede{whispering} [Ultron and the kids are stronger than I expected when they're together, they might be able to beat Mechrilla and his Colosseum, be careful friends, because you're going to be fighting in the swellveiw cup, tomorrow]) and with Dedede exiting the arena ends the chapter, another chapter ready
2/3 c12 11StrawberryorangeSoda
HOW OLD ARE THESE KIDS? Are you in grade school? Kissing doesn't not equal sex! Nor does getting naked. What is going on at that last sentence?
1/7 c11 DarkCatillas
Can we also have Cubby and Stormy go on a date
1/7 c11 StrawberryorangeSoda
Can we get some John x Izzy in the next chapter?
1/7 c10 Cameron McIntyre
Why don't you put the darling siblings in the next chapter
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