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for Speed Demon: Friend or Foe?

7/5 c7 20Mike AZ 2
Read this a couple times and it was actually pretty good so far. I know Dash is a tad impulsive in the movies, but I think he and his mother were both being a bit too irrational here, otherwise you'd think that Elastigirl wouldn't just accuse her son without investigating all facts and open her mind to the possibility that someone could've made it look like her son stole the pizza and made graffiti.

Though I guess Dash wouldn't be logical enough at that age to realize he'd have to find the real culprit to prove his innocence. Hope they reconcile and kick the real culprit's behind. Looking forward to it.
6/11 c7 11Jokermask18
3/6 c6 Josh Miller
looks like Dash really broke Elastigirl's heart, because she got confused
1/25 c6 31AlphaGodzilla19
will the villain be exposed in the next chapter?
1/13 c5 Guest
Well... Someone is either grounded for a long time or about to get a severe asswhooping... Or both.
11/19/2019 c2 skykill3ers
Wonder what's going to happen next
11/16/2019 c1 skykill3ers
This is another spectacular story start for this one. Update soon!
11/16/2019 c1 11Jokermask18
Nice. thx:}

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