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11/18/2019 c1 Minerva89
As always, a lovely insight into how a carachter we loved to watch, was very very flawed.
I loved it.
That's why I would like to ask you if you have ever thought about tackling how Alexis changed in seasons six an seven. She went form a pretty relateble teen to the most spoiled brat ever. I would love to see a story in which Rick reacts to her behaving like that and over the whole Pi debacle; and let's not forget the fact that she compared her teen romance to her father's relationship.

I always enjoy very much to see a new story form you.
Have a good day!
11/18/2019 c1 Hamlet 77
I know and understand where the author is going with these stories, and for the most part I understand the version the author is trying to convey.

However, to pick this incident as a starting point is stretching it somewhat. From the off Rick comes across as extremely petulant and overly sensitive, exactly the opposite to what I assume the author was trying to convey. If he was feeling that put down by Beckett and everyone at the 12th he shouldn’t even have tried to banter with Beckett about making waffles.

Rick in this story takes offence at how Kate has conducted her personal life. Look at Rick to this point in canon. In under 2 years Rick has hooked up again with both es wives and been ‘seduced’ by a starlet trying to get the role of Nikki Heat, hardly indicative of maturity in conducting personal relationships. And in one example ‘boasted’ with regret about having sex with his ex wife.

The author then brings up Beckett ‘arresting’ Castle in the pilot. Look at his actions. I’m sorry suggesting a woman should spank you within hours of meeting her is extremely inappropriate in my book, then stealing police evidence etc. Is hardly the actions of someone to be treated with respect. To say Kate would have known him better by the time of this case is true, but the author chose to use the first meeting as right example of Rick’s brooding indignation.

I will only mention 2 more problems I have with this version of events. There was never any suggestion throughout 8 seasons that Kate Beckett had a revolving door of partners that Montgomery abused his position by transferring to placate Kate ‘Supercop’ Beckett. BUT if Kate Beckett did ever have a history of bullying or even a suggestion of, you have to consider the position she was in. A young, woman, from what some might consider privileged background working in quite possibly the most macho of work environments still in existence.

And finally. To refer to anyone’s ‘partner’, ‘significant other’ or just plain boyfriend as Doctor Motorcycle Boy is at best extremely insulting. Especially as Josh was obviously a respected heart surgeon. If Kate was in the same character mode as Rick is in this story. She would have had a Rick in Rikers on remand quicker than you can say Grande Skimmed Latte with two shots of sugar free vanilla.
11/17/2019 c1 bponder
I agree with your rationale about the main characters being treated unevenly and wish they had dealt with this in the series
11/17/2019 c1 41Pegship
Ouch. Truth hurts dunnit Beckett?
11/17/2019 c1 58castlefan6
Very Proud of you, I enjoy your stories immensely and take pride in knowing that you have the courage to write your conviction, many I agree with, put it out there, and take the critics as they come. Great Job on this one, keep on writing, I'll keep reading,

A Fan Tim
11/17/2019 c1 BigKahuna
Actions do have consequences, something the show steered well away from.
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