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for Harry Potter And The Cursed Plotline

3/31 c1 Fallow57
xx KUDOS xx : )
3/20 c1 145lucidscreamer
Loved it!
3/9 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
And that's about the only way that that "Cursed Cash Grab" should ever be considered again.
2/23 c1 TheTamrielian
One-Shot Crackfic? More like: Well-Thought-Out-AU-One-Shot.

I guess Years 5-7 will be "Normal Happy Years" for the Trio, then. Aside from Draco continuing to be a dick. At least... not an evil one now?

I'd like to think that the woman Harry ends up marrying is Hermione. Also, that moment between them was sweet.
2/17 c1 21Duchess67
LOL I liked this!

I've never read The Cursed Child either. I simply CANNOT imagine Harry being such a lousy parent when he had such awesome examples of parenting to completely rebel against. I can only see him as being a wonderfully attentive Dad that pays as much attention to his children as his job allows and making sure said job didn't actually interfere in his family life too darn much.
12/21/2020 c1 1D72
Hah, you don't want to be his son Albus? Harry DELIVERS.
12/7/2020 c1 Nightcandle
Another lovely fic of yours :)
Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us!
11/17/2020 c1 Artimuos Sen
Liked to see a epilogue of some sort with Harry is in better future and Hermione is a pupil under Dumbledore promoting equal rights and researching magic.
11/5/2020 c1 Mari Wollsch
super xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/14/2020 c1 PPsh
This is honestly great. Really funny and well thought out. I hope he wound up with Hermione. That would certainly make Ron jealous!
10/4/2020 c1 28Shae Vizla
Good story, well-written and amusing. The boys are clearly unprepared to the task and confuse Harry more than anything. At least, Scorpius is rassured by Harry's reaction to the nasty and stupid rumor about his paternity. Harry being somethat Voldemort's son or grandson is more believable since they are both parselmouths and share physical aspects.

Amusingly, learning that he married the fangirl and had a neurotic son who have the worst of his best friends encouraged Harry to marry anybody except Ginny. I wonder if Hermione and Ron married. I hope not they are both toxic for each others.
7/29/2020 c1 3fireball900
I think this is the first time I've seen Karkaroff show why he's a Headmaster. I'e seen Maxime show off occasionally, but never him.
6/20/2020 c1 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Crazy, but interesting.
3/31/2020 c1 Guest
Omg this was great. The news articles part had me dying of laughter.
3/31/2020 c1 2adafrog
Very good, thanks.
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