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for Giving Thanks M7 ATF AU

11/20/2019 c1 75senorabutterfly
Thank you so much to those of you taking the time to comment! Not only for the nice reviews of the story, but for the comfort and condolences as well. All are so very appreciated!
11/20/2019 c1 mikiss
This was really sweet. Made me tear up a bit. I like the idea of ones who have passed still celebrating with those of us still here. Thanksgiving will be tough for you this year, but hold on...it will get better.
11/19/2019 c1 lunaz
Sweet story, enjoyed it.

Sorry to hear about your husband, my condolences.
11/19/2019 c1 Kathy
lovely, so sad and sweet, what nice memories they shared, and nice of Chris to do that for them, great visual descriptions of all the yummy food, well done,
11/19/2019 c1 mworth1019
Damn it, you made me cry! Thanksgiving was a big deal when I was a child and now that we moved 1000 miles away, and my children live somewhere; its just us and the youngest, so its too quiet and not as fun as it was, but the memories are there, and they will have to do.. and sorry for your lose...it was hard enough loosing my parents and grandparents, I dont know what i'll do when he goes...
11/19/2019 c1 Guest
Lovely story - sorry for your loss
11/18/2019 c1 7EssieJane2
Welcome back, Senora. This is beautiful! ((Hugs))

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