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9h c21 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and the mark on his arm is interesting and damn the goblins will be pissed and it is good to see he is getting closer with fleur
13h c21 buch.morten
Thanks for the chapter
11/28 c3 ClumsySavage
Did you just copy for love of magic word for word on this parts
11/27 c21 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good chapter and thanks for sharing!
11/26 c1 Guest
Harry calling his magic mana just ruined this entire fanfic
11/26 c21 14Zaxxon
Found this recently, and I am enjoying it a lot.

I look forward to the future chapters.
11/25 c21 bernar1995
Buena historia que siga asi de buena muy entretenida quiqiera más y de tan buena calidad gracis
11/25 c21 mumphie
I have thoroughly enjoyed your story! Since you've just posted, I know I will have to wait a while for the next installment. Sigh. ;)
I hope that Sirius finds a way to extract his money from Gringotts, because the Goblins were quite nasty. Harry's family hardly had anything in their vaults. What it he inherits money? He will never be able to get it.
I hope the Dwarves also get into jewelry making again. Imagine if they find a vein of mithril in that iron mine? It could me - legendary!
11/25 c6 mumphie
This is a fun story. :)
Wondering about his idea for the safe, though. It's a great invention, until whoever is linked with the safe is dead. Then, children and spouses - descendants - will be unable to open the safe.
11/24 c1 PaigeMHughes
I’m intrigued by this story and intend to read more of it, but I’m mildly bothered by something you implied in your author’s note at the beginning of this fic. I don’t know what this patreon (?) business you mentioned is, but it sounds like you are making money off of fan fiction in some way. I hope you realize that is highly illegal due to copyright infringement. There’s a reason that fanfic authors put a disclaimer at the beginning of their works/chapters stating they aren’t profiting off of the writing of fan fiction. If you have original works and have managed to get people to pay you to read them then I commend your business savvy, but if you are making money off of someone else’s intellectual property you are setting yourself up for some potentially expensive legal problems.
11/23 c21 mikerich60
very good finished all 21 chapters so far waiting with bated breath. happy holidays .mike.
11/22 c21 naruto
great chapter keep it up
11/22 c21 Guest
considering that the magical word and JK Rowling's work seems stuck in the Victorian era I can see why in nymphadora is doing what she is back in those days you were expected to use them as soon as they dropped so to speak and most of the time you were married before you were 14 she's trying to make it clear loud and proud that she and the other girls are interested in him she doesn't know how modern muggle society would react to it and let's face it guys at that age you were staring at the pretty girls too;)
11/21 c13 DanYHKim
I wonder if Harry will realize that his SCOUTER is also a wizard detector? Just as he located and unseen owl, he can now locate an unseen wizard.

Pettigrew should be detectable using it
11/21 c12 DanYHKim
It's really good to see how Harry's persistence, often manifested in pain tolerance and a willingness to endure magical exhaustion, is a key to his success in creating objects. There is no magical power-up cheat, just hard work.
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