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9/28 c66 Smokeing
A very interesting story enjoyed reading. Thank you very much.
9/28 c63 Smokeing
I like your chapter very much. it was a very interesting
9/23 c32 6WolfbrotherTitan
You say Raccoon, or trash panda, but immediately have Harry questioning if he'll be able to use his magic while transformed and that makes me think of a Tanuki (commonly known as a Japanese Raccoon Dog), which is also a kind of magical creature, or yokai, that has a similar power set and nature to the Kitsune...basically, if he can use magic while transformed he should learn Japanese and go visit the person who first sent him information on creature craft.
9/22 c66 dan.lew.upg
Can't wait for more
9/18 c6 hayesjensen
I'm laughing so hard, is what I wanna say. but I'm actually giggling...
9/17 c66 Wolfric
Good chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
9/14 c4 Rudo the Barbarian Hero
Auror Tonks is very publicly sexually aggressive with speech and groping towards her cousin who is 11 years old. Very creepy. Behavior is beyond bullying. No parents or authority figures even try to stop her or tell her how creepy and aggressive this is.
9/12 c66 David12leca
Take a bow and revel in your ability to bring about one of the greatest harry potter fanfictions to ever exist.
9/12 c63 David12leca
omfg you need to write a book what a turn of events
9/12 c62 David12leca
9/11 c5 Ardyn Noctis Caelum
So, Kai, I haven't quite caught up with your recent updates on this yet, but I honestly just noticed this. Based on Harry, Penny, Tonks, and Fluer's respective mental defenses it would seem your using the five elements of Chinese Cosmology. It's even more amusing, to me, that part's of their personalities fit their respect live elements. Harry being Wood, Fluer being Fire, Penny being Metal, and Tonks being Water. The only one missing is Earth.
9/11 c66 envyyami
Ouch my eyes... Not a good idea to binge this... I must say that I really like the story so far. I enjoyed reading and got immersed while reading that I didn't notice if anything was amiss. Looking forward to the next chapter :)
9/10 c66 Neoacoya1
To be honest, I see absolutely no way for this to end peacefully. People fear what they don't understand and there is no way for the muggles to understand something they can't use and, in some cases, can't even see. Add onto that the envy muggles are going to feel because they're not as special. Religious violence is all but a guarantee.

Even worse than that will be the reactions of governments. Governments do not like to have their control challenged. The sheer power one magical is capable of possessing, is definitely going to leave governments wanting to tighten their grip on magic, which magicals will resent, which will lead to resistance, which will in turn lead to a tighter grip starting a downward spiral.

I think Penny needs to be really careful with her anti-magic research. If that knowledge is given to muggles, I don't see things ending well for magicals. It's almost like Superman giving Lex Luthor kryptonite.
9/10 c46 GamerBlood
In reality, I already suspected that they came from the same mirror fraction, I simply thought it was more obvious and that that had already been ruled out u"
9/9 c1 Glitner
im sure this is an awesome story but i have some serious trouble with yuri... and i have heard this may contain yuri without harry ... thats basacly him being comforteble cuck and i dont like ntr ... so please answer this b4 i start reading

xoxo hopeful reader !
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