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6/27 c24 SoSoLazy
Just use cutting curse for cutting
6/27 c21 SoSoLazy
Love it!
6/27 c16 SoSoLazy
Hear warming
6/26 c7 SoSoLazy
Good chapter!
6/26 c4 SoSoLazy
We can dream
6/26 c53 Phazer12
ok so I just remembered, most of the fabrics show that patronus are only able to push back the dementors and if strong enough can get them to flee. Any spell to kill the dementors is just fanfic. But then how did we see dementors dieing in the third movie when Harry unleashes his full patronus
6/26 c1 RaZenBrandz
I'm very much enjoying this story, it's a shame I just read through every available chapter.

I'm looking forward to more updates.
6/25 c7 sewak.12111
6/24 c53 29Sparky She-Demon
I love this story, though it took me two days to read all of it. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
6/23 c32 Sparky She-Demon
A racoon? I can see that!
6/23 c21 Sparky She-Demon
And so the Goblins have been tricked and the dwarves have the sword back in their hands. Good!
6/23 c17 Sparky She-Demon
Looking forward to finding out more on the dwarves!
6/23 c32 Valanz-Del'gronto-Espada-neg'1
Imagine his Animugus is Basically Shukaku
6/22 c53 Ladis11
Holy cow, i just realised Harry will want to create and enchant the rings for when he proposes to his girls, they're probably going to be crazy lmao. I almost fear the amount of time tgat will go in those rings lol
6/22 c32 drducky
this is... kinda disappointing, you built up and built up for awhile about him starting to be an animagus then give him an animal that's pretty disappointing honestly
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