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for Harry Potter and the Artificer Legacy

5/17 c33 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/16 c33 Anikong
Finally fourth year starts next chapter. Looking forward to the quidditch world cup.
5/16 c32 Anikong
I really enjoy this story, but Harry's animagus form was just plain disappointing. When you had Harry create the dragon expecto patronum I was looking forward to a cool dragon animagus form but instead he got a racoon...really?. Not to mention dragons are also intelligent, love shiny things and are massive hoarders. If anything Harry resembles a dragon more than a racoon imo.
5/16 c33 Outlook43
Great story thank you for sharing it.
5/16 c10 Cheerful
I've read so many overly serious (no pun intended), dark, or just plain edgy HP fics that I'd almost forgotten that pleasant wholesome fun like this exists. I wouldn't call this a masterpiece but it's solidly written and just plain pleasant to read. My biggest complaint is that the girls come off a tad nonce-y, it is only his first year after all, but it doesn't seem creepy to me, just a little bit unrealistic.
5/15 c4 Taiki no Hitsuzen Kage
This is ridiculous. I have yet to see one person call this out. You are directly paraphrasing Noodlehammer's For Love of Magic but worse. The goblin scene is the same except for a different choice. The sorting is the same too, the same sentences slightly changed. Even the eating scene is the same, the pumpkin juice scene just paraphrased in a more ranting manner. He even says the exact same thing. In both stories, he plans to "conjure lightning" because of the non flammable and non conductive walls. This doesn't feel like inspiration, it feels like you read his story and copied the scenes. If he gave you permission to use his scenes, at least credit him.
5/15 c27 3A Trash Mob
Hes gonna make a car?! Yes!

Lol i know its the armor, im hyped
5/15 c24 A Trash Mob
Im curious how it would hold up against the three unforgivables, especially the AK
5/15 c23 A Trash Mob
Brooo hypeeee!
5/15 c21 A Trash Mob
Hell yeah! Dwarves!
5/15 c33 isaiahbrandon36
Oh my god that hapter was awesome! So the staff can literally reverse wounds? So great, and I love how the stone mannequin was dead ass destroyed while the Basilisk Scale mail is just fine. Harry has caught up Penelope in power now I wonder how powerful his enchantments are becoming with this much power. The honest truth is his enchaments from here on arent gonna be some low mana powered anything because of how much mana he can now imbue into the objects. Keep up the great work I'll be here for the next chapter!
5/15 c33 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the new chapter.
Something tells things aren't going to be as smooth as canon for Death Eaters. Not if Harry has something to say about it.
5/15 c33 karazifan
I like the story. Thanks for writing.
5/15 c33 1rajeshkont
Harry overtook Pene.. haa
5/15 c10 3A Trash Mob
THE FEELS its so heartwarming i almost forgot it was a harry potter fic (aayyyy lmaoooo)
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