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6/4 c35 magitech
Thanks for another chapter

Good on Tonks for seeing harry was over working himself and forcing him to rest in a way he wouldn't object too.

Always wondered why any student with more than two working brain cells would want to enter the Tri-Wiz when it is well known for the death toll of the champions and Dumbles assurance of no 'mortal' peril doesn't mean it can't be lethal.
It would be a nice twist if Harry was NOT in the tourney, or refused to participate and since HE didn't enter his name into an Artifact he cannot be bound, no matter what BS Dumbles and Co spout.
No one knows artifacts like Harry would.
6/4 c35 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
6/4 c35 Guest
love it
6/4 c35 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
6/4 c35 Bob
I'm interested to see what Harry reinvests the profits from the iron mine and its associated shop in. A really simple one would be expensive antique repair, with just a few words that even a mediocre person could manage to perfectly repair a broken five figure object. It wouldn't require much in startup funds and could make some serious money for a tiny amount of effort.
6/4 c35 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
6/4 c35 2crow and the butterfly
you know when i think of what the basilisk armor looks like i think of a black and green version of dracula untold armor where there is a snake instead of a dragon.
6/4 c35 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Quite kind of the lad.
6/4 c35 5Tenzo51
HAHAHAHAHAHA Voldemort will learn what it means to piss of a dwarven army, god that’s gonna be enjoyable to watch.
6/4 c35 Mastersgtjames
So... for starters.
This chapter honestly felt like filler.
Not sure if MC is going to enter himself into the Tournament. BUT! If he does not, I will be beyond annoyed if he is still entered and agrees to compete anyway. Since you CANNOT be entered into a magically binding contract against your will, without your knowledge. Even if the cup was Confunded, and the slip of paper with his name on it was written in his hand, it still would not work. Otherwise that would mean you could, EASILY, enter people into contracts with any conditions you want, robbing people, enslaving people, killing people. Since that is not something happening all the time, then I'd say it is not possible. Especially since those contracts work the same way as a vow, it being your own magic that binds you to it, which only works if you allow it, and it was your will/intention.
Aside from that.
I never understand in these stories(fanfics) how the MC has any kind of trouble when dealing with voldemort. We know that someone, especially an enemy, having your blood is BAD. They can curse you with it, bind you with it, track you with it, and kill you with it. NOW! The real lesson here is the danger of an enemy having something connecting to you and your magic. So there is just no possible way that having an actual, physical, piece of your enemies soul could not be useful. I mean, those horcruxes are all still connected to each other and voldie. So if MC got one of them, he should be able to use that to kill them all. I mean, it is his SOUL. You should be able to kill him with access to that without having to hunt down the rest of them, or fight him personally. Similar with the DE's and the Dark Marks. Them being all connected.
6/4 c35 shugokage
Great job on this chapter and story!
6/4 c35 Ezylryb
Great chapter
6/4 c35 4Chaos Snow Kitsune
Finally on to 4th year. I'm sure this will prove to be the most interesting year yet for Harry
6/4 c35 1Deltablacknaruto
How the hell did Harry go up 600 points in less than 2 weeks?
6/4 c35 1EliteShadow
love this story so far please keep up the great work hope to read more soon!
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