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6/25 c4 UnderlyingLiberosis
Nice chapter. I suggest putting more detail and descriptive paragraphs in your writing, it always makes fighting scenes and those of the like more interesting and exciting to read. Other than that, everything was fine.
6/25 c1 3LambsLams
Hi! I really like this so farm I can't wait for the next chapter! Also just for fun looked it up and this is the closest thing I could find for Hamilton and asparagus so here's the link lmao:


It probably wont work to just click on it but you can copy and paste it
1/20 c2 Fiona White
Yay? Chapter 2, it's here! And I love it! And I understand why you can't do those other musicals in the story but you can at least do In The Heights because it's also a musical writen by Lin-Menaul Mirenda (I highly suggest you listen to the soundtrack of it and the OBC version of it on YouTube)
1/20 c2 3Cabeswater's Assassin
Wait... Lafayette has firepower? Coincidence?
Really nice story though, I really like it!
11/21/2019 c1 Zoey Black
I soon as I saw the word X-MEN I was in. This was good. I love superheroes. This a good first chapter. Alex's powers are cool (my favorite character from X-Men is Storm who also has weather powers) and George Washington as Charles Xavier aka Professor X is genus. I love it.
Now as for the Batman au. Well there are Comic dubs of you can watch on YouTube.
Here are some good comic dubs you can watch...
The Killing Joke (this story shows who joker as a character and help you with the story)

There all a comic dub of Batman the long Halloween. This story shows most of Batman's Rogue gallery (Villians) it gives you the origin of how Harvey Dent became Two-Face and even shows Batman origins story.
I hope this helps you.
11/21/2019 c1 Jessie B
I forgotten to tell you a few things about beauty and the beast.
The enchantress gave the beast (John Laurens ( a magic hand mirror that was his only way to see what was going on the outside world (if he goes outside people would they scared of him and probably get chased by a mob).
When the beast lets Belle (Alexandra Hamilton) go and let her keep the magic mirror to always remember him bye. (You'll have to go no Netflix, YouTube, or Disney to see why beast let go and why her father (George Washington) was endanger)
And also I forgotten to talk about Thomas Jefferson. For this au he is based on the character from the live action 2017 remake. Thomas is the headmaster/teacher of the village schoolhouse (sadly though the school only allows boys to learn and go there) he believes girls shouldn't be able to read and write and instead learn to cook, Clean, dress up, not speak their minds (keep their opinions to them selves if another way to put it), and not be able to vote.
This of course masks Alexandra not like him. "He's just as bad as that Charles Lee" she thinks.
One day Alex tried to teach a little girl to read a book and Thomas sees it. "What, on Earth are doing!? Teaching another girl to read? Isn't one enough? He takes away her book and rips it apart saying that girls should never read. And when the villagers find out the beast and kill him (again watch one of the versions I have you) he locks her up so she doesn't worn the beast.
He even says the she has Stockholm syndrome.
11/21/2019 c1 Jessie B
I like this story Alex with super a neat idea.
And I'll try to explain Beauty And The Beast the best I can. First I'll tell you what's it about.
There was this Prince. He was spoiled, selfish, impatient, and unkind. One stormy night an old beger woman she asked for shelter in the castle and in exchange for giving her shelter she would give him a rose (she was holding that rose in her hand) but the prince was repulsed by how ugly she looked and refused to give her shelter. The old woman started to glow and it turned out she was a beautiful enchantress . The prince tried to apologise to her but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart so she turned him to a beast and cursed all the people who lived there (the servants, cookers, and gaurdsmen) into objects (they can still talk and move) and that rose was an enchanted and it would slowly welt away. The only way to break the curse is for the prince to fall in love and earn that person's love in return before the last pettel falls or the curse will never be broken. Years went by and the prince lost all hope because who would ever learn to fall in love with a beast?
In a village miles away from the castle (also the castle is surrounded by forest) there lives a girl named Belle the townspeople thinks she is beautiful but also think she's odd. Because she doesn't do what the other girls in the small town do (flirt, find a husband, and other roles women had back then, BATB takes place somewhere around the late 1600s and early 1700s) instead she reads books and dream about traveling the world. There is also this guy named Gaston who is the town "hero" and the town Hunter he's handsome and every girl wants to be with him but he wants to marry Belle not because he loves her but because she's beautiful. Gaston also has a friend named Lafou. Belle is the only girl not interested in Gaston because she sees him as he is not how he looks.
Anyway her father goes to the woods to go sell things for money (there is another village with a huge market place days away in the woods) he gets chased by wolves and gets lost he sees the castle but the beast finds him and locks him up. The horse he was riding goes back to Belle and she realizes hey father is in trouble so the horse takes her to him. At the castle she finds her father. The beast finds her and and tells her to leave. She offers to stay in the castle instead of her father but she has to stay at the castle forever. She agrees and her father is free. Weeks go by in the castle Belle and the beast slowly fall in love with each other.
Oh Gaston is the villian of the story and he tried to kill the beast.
There is a Beauty and the beast Broadway musical. It's on YouTube if you want to watch it.
The live action 2017 remake is on Netflix if you have it.
And the original beauty and the beast is on Disney if you have it.
I hope you'll help you out.
Here is the cast of Hamilton in this au.
A genderbend Alexander as Belle (Just like Belle Alexandra is not like the other girls in the village she loves to read but she also loves to write and one day be able to change the world with her ideas for politics and have adventure along the way)
John Laurens as the Beast
George Washington as Morise the father of the beauty (George Washington adopted Alexandra. When Alex was little her mother died because of the plague and her real father just abandoned her. George was friends with Alex's mother so he took Alex in and raised her and taught her to read and write. George is a carpenter in this au he would fix woods chairs and tables and other things made of wood but also makes beautiful statues, dolls, boxes for jewelry, birdhouses for spring, and other beautiful things. He would go to the huge market place in another village to sell his latest creations. But gets lost and well you know the rest)
Charles Lee as Gaston (because Gaston made fun of and disrespected Belle's father and by the end we find out he's just a coward and old Charlie here disrespected Washington and is a coward)
Samaul Seabarry as Lafou
Laffayett as Lumiere
Aaron Burr as Cogsworth
You can come up with the rest of the cast.
I hope this helps you a lot.
11/20/2019 c1 Annie Samsons
This is cool. This is a superhero au with the Hamilton characters. AWESOME! WOW! (I mean that in a good way not the way King George III did it) This is based on the X-MEN even greater because I grew up with 3 older brothers and one of them loved well he still does love the X-MEN and superhero so I watched the superhero movies and TV shows with him and I guess that is what made us bond not just as siblings but as best friends as well. We absolutely love the MCU (Marvel Cineamatic Universe). Okay you probably don't care about all of that I am just saying that this just gives nosgalsia and I love this even though it's only one chapter in and I can't wait to read Alex meeting the team. Hamilsqaud.
Also I have another idea for my fanfic request.
One day Alex was just walking around the house (John Laurens's home) with Aaron Burr and the Schyler sisters visiting Alex would like to stay away from people, affaid they might hurt him. He gets frightened because (Burr is a lawyer in this au) Aaron Burr angry because he and John are trying to get a trial that can officially free Alex and arrest James Reynolds for slave cruelty (there is a law against being cruel and hurting slaves) but all the courts are full and they either denied of say wait 6 months before the trial. Burr starts shouting. Alex hears it (he hears him say these words in particular slavery, beatings, and I'm so mad) Alex hears footsteps coming closer to him (the Schyler sisters, Burr, and John are trying to see how Alex is doing) he begins to shake and panic a hand touched him and Alex flinched then began crying and begging.
(This if what Alex says) No! P-please, don't beat m-m-me. I'll be good, I promise.
Alex is now sobbing on the floor hugging his knees.
(He is acting this way because he thinks yelling will lead to him getting a beating because that what James Reynolds did when he was angry and yelling)
John and Aaron try to calm him down but it doesn't work. Then Eliza tries to calm him down. Her soft and gentle voice reminded him of his mother and that soothes him. When he calmed down the panic attack drained him out and he fell asleep.
I just think it'd be sweet if Alex after a beating or Pani attack he remembers happier times with his mother before she died.
11/20/2019 c1 TheFederalist
Hi! Nice story! I hope you update soon.
For the profile picture, I think it will be hard to find anything on the internet as specific as Hamilton and asparagus. Maybe you can somehow get an artist to draw it for you?
11/20/2019 c1 Sam Parks
How does Alex answer the question if he's mute? Well the math equation was on the chalk board in front of the class so all he has to do his go up to the board and write the answer down.
Also I have a little story, my math teacher does that a lot times would write one of the equations from our paper assignment and calls one of the students too do it on the board, will one time when I was called in got the answer wrong and I ment to say oh shoot but instead it came out as oh sh*t well my teacher is is strict so I do in trouble because I broke the talk kind rule of the class room I ended up with a lunch detention.
11/20/2019 c1 25HamiltonAsparagus
Hello Hamilfan 321! I do know those shows, because my brother was really into them at one point.
11/20/2019 c1 Hamilfan 321
Oh! I forgot to say this. Thanks for answering my question of when you'll do my story and you're welcome (for my patience).
Also I would like to ask have you ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender and it's sequel series The Legends Of Korra?
11/20/2019 c1 Hamilfan 321
This is great. Based on the X-MEN That's cool. (I've seen the X-MEN movies) Is Washington on a wheelchair like Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X? I ask this because Washington obviously has a role similar to the professor. Like i I said this is great and I can't wait for chapter 2 for this fic.
11/20/2019 c1 Fiona White
Wow! It's not even my birthday yet and you already did my request. This is a good first chapter. As for the answer for your question well this story has Lams, JeffMads, and Marliza. And if you need some help or ideas for chapters for this story I have some ideas in a comment I made in chapter 2 of Life with the washingtons, so you can read that for ideas.
Can I ask you a question? How do know about the X-MEN? Did you read the comics, or watch the movies, or was it one of the X-MEN t.v shows. I grew up in the late 90s early 2000s I was interdused the X-MEN by the animated series of the 90s.
Also I have another idea for a chapter this tells the story of how Aaron Burr discovered his daughter Theodosia is a minority. When Theodosia was 6 she and Aaron were playing tea party. When the power went out. Theodosia for nervous she doesn't like the dark she rised her hand and it started to glow then a ball of light was in her hand. Aaron saw this and made Theodosia hide her powers. He didn't want her to get hurt just because she was a minority. A year later the neighbors found out that she was an minority and they harassed and tried to hurt her and Aaron they even destroy their property. It gets worse when the king is after her. Theodosia and Aaron run away and find a new and safe place to stay and that's when they meet George Washington.
I wish you good luck for your next story request you can do.

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