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5/20 c9 2D72
Oh Momonga, you preening peacock, you have forked yourself here.
5/20 c8 D72
The world continues to disappoint momonga hyodu.

Holy crap, he managed to make Ophis WORSE. And he did NOTHING to cause that. He gave a nihilist ambition.

... at least he avoided a snaking. I have a feeling that would have gone... poorly. Especially when Ophis offered two.
5/20 c6 D72
Oh man, I thought this was going to be a bs interlude. The fact momonga now has to deal with waifu-cation of his powers from being in DXD...

Well he was amnesic. It's a surprise to him, and an alarming one.

And his army loves him.

Which was NOT part of the plan.

Which makes it better!

As to review? I like it!

Oh my god Issei would hate this momonga. Waifu spawner. Feels guilt.

The fact that Momonga Issei is being attacked by Kendo perverts is just... wow.
5/20 c5 D72
Ack like bitch, get treated like bitch.

People try to act like Riser is a stain.

He's a shining star compared to Diodora Astaroth.

I also find it amusing that momonga is going to pick him apart, it's such a neat and unintended paralel to Diodora's much more important brother.

The fact momonga unknowingly NAMECHECKS a satan, that's fucking CAKE!

And then the sucker got turned into a juice box. NICE!
5/20 c4 D72

You will become MY TUTORS.

(Actually, I find his speech about not remembering being Issei to be amazing, considering what Issei actually was.

Momonga is acting like something crucially important to existence was lost.

Meanwhile, somewhere else...

Issei: hehe, boobs

Back at stately abandoned church

Freed swears a lot, Freed does not get to become a tutor.

If I did not make it clear in my prior reviews, I love this fic.
5/20 c3 D72
I'm glad Momonga is not simply killing his prisoners.
Instead he can use them to DO HIS MATH HOMEWORK!
Waste not, want not.

An enthusiastic moonlit walk is just the ticket for a young gentleman looking for answers.

An essence of violence is merely party favors
5/20 c2 D72
oh, this I absolutely like.

Monmonga is not fumbling in power, he's fumbling in context.

It's a sublime inversion of standard fic, and I am totally here for it.
4/19 c10 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work!
4/19 c10 gatoloco600
el fic esta muerto o habra actializaciones a futuro?
1/11 c3 thedankestyeet
kinda weak you make him so unbothered by killing while in a human body.. even more so since he still kinda questioned things while skeletor, but here? naaaah he'll do the torturing himself.. because you dont want him getting info from the other characters? so youll have him act unlike himself for your goal of solitude in dxd..a little laaaame
1/6 c10 Guest
Will this fsnfic get an update?
1/4 c10 stud2266
Great characterization of Mr. boney man himself (staying in character, does not deviate to his original personality, and most of SANE), great side characters they work well with momonga espcially asia, and the 2 kendo girls, and the way you write people like Rias and her peerage is great! though my only problem with it is chapter count is quite low *hehe

(though if any of the people in the authors community are reading this did. He dropped or axed the story or is he just taking a long hiatus? if you're the author reading if so your writing skills are impeccable and i hope you luck in your writing endeavors:).)
12/12/2023 c4 Guest
Wouldn't that be species-ist?
10/14/2023 c10 VamPyr00
Gotta say, despite the slightly OOC monologues, this was a very good story. Very enjoyable for most Overlord fans, I would assume. Just wish it was longer. Overall, I give it 5 stars.
10/14/2023 c5 VamPyr00
His monologuing is a bit out of control here and frankly is pretty OOC.
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