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9/22/2022 c10 Darkness
Hi author I just wanna say that the story is great and I it to be update so that we can continue reading the series of mommonga in the body of Issei. Also, author can please update the next chapter and I also want to know the yaggrisil level of the DxD please so that we can know the level of the universe that Mommonga is thrown into, so please update it?
9/18/2022 c10 JimmyBlah
Wonderful story, I really hope I’ll be able to read the rest someday
9/15/2022 c10 smp2000
I hope someday you start this fanfiction up again
8/28/2022 c10 Guest
You ever coming back for this story?
8/27/2022 c10 slowdownV2
good story definitely one of the best overlord and highschool DXD x-overs on this site
8/26/2022 c7 mhihabak
so your telling me he spent an entire month in school and he doesn't know that a Grimory is there what kind of plot forcing is this and by the way, a month is way past Rias's marriage appointment so she would have already initiated contact with Momonga she doesn't have time to spare, and what does he mean he is going to try and stay away from them you literally study in the same school and even if you get on their bad side you don't have to be strong enough to fight off the entire faction they have no reason to send entire armies to kill you, what kind of twisted paranoid logic are you living by, and why does he care what his undead look like in the anime he had Albedo and shalltear but that didn't stop him from sending them to fight or beating the sh*t out of them if we are talking about the later
8/26/2022 c6 mhihabak
since when did Momonga care what a creature looks like, he is just going to kill Viser instead of interrogating her just because of how she looks, and his interaction with the girls is just irritating if he doesn't like to talk to them why doesn't he just walk away instead of sitting and listening to those dumbasses
8/26/2022 c5 mhihabak
his conversations with Asia are painful to read alright we get it she is cute no need to waste half the chapter talking about it and why is he so paranoid around grunts he should already know the people of that world's relative power level thanks to the three fallen with him and why was he losing his sh*t when Diodora talked about Asia doesn't he have his emotion suppression spell on and finally why does he like to monologue so much
8/24/2022 c10 7Wally991
I know you said that he would not be in Rias' peerage, and I'm assuming it's the same for Sona...but you never said anything about THEM being in his "Party"
8/18/2022 c10 3Shirosaki345
God serafall is so fucking creepy
8/15/2022 c2 tobitto
I hope he won't join Rias' peerage
8/10/2022 c10 Dauntes
I'd kind of forgotten about this story, but the reread was very enjoyable! Hope you come back to this one at some point. Thanks for writing it!
8/10/2022 c1 vrpantonioluna
8/6/2022 c7 Guest
What’s with Ainz’s mobs turning to girls? What’s stopping him from ordering them to stop acting like little bitchs?
8/3/2022 c10 6Almevo
hope to see you back
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