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2/20/2022 c5 2Damien NightFall
Really? abandoning anything dark for good because of the sheltered naive girl you met 5 minutes ago? I also really don't understand the reason all three fallen are alive. You said they'd be his walking Wikipedia... but he can steal other people's memories... and he doesn't need all three for that.

I dont understand. His morality is a flipflopping mess that makes no sense. The grunts he is fine with experimenting on and brutally murdering and starvingbut the bosses? oh no! I intimated them too hard its so horrible! He is feeling GUILT for intimidating the three fallen yet had zero issues with the brutality he visited upon the human grunts.

YOU JUST MELTED A DOZEN HUMANS BECAUSE YOU DIDNT WANT TO ANSWER UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTIONS! The only difference in the grunts and the fallen I can see is race and gender. Is that it? Is he a sexist and unwilling to truly hurt women out of some condescending belief they are always innocent while he will burn men alive and experiment on them? Or is he racist against humans and happy to torture any human but not any other race?

Why would they be feeling guilt? it's not the first time they've killed humans and jf you hadn't stopped them it wouldn't have been the last.

Where is this dense behaviour coming from? He could understand every other social cue and hint but suddenly he is completely oblivious as to why isseis parents are acting that way?

I guess emotion suppression is going unused.

I mean yeah his plan is stupid, but the fact is it would have worked. Asia is quite literally that naive/stupid/sheltered that she wouldn't have resisted for a single second.

He monologues worse than a bond villain.

Alright this was a very negative review... because I hated this chapter. The story was decent before, an interesting premise, decent grammar and spelling, an mc that had some promise... and then Asia appears and everything is thrown out the window and into the gutter. The mc becomes boring and in some cases fucking annoying, his morality is a mess with more twists than spaghetti. I'm going to stop reading here because I honestly don't have high hopes for this story, but I wish you the best and good luck with your story.
2/19/2022 c10 Warlord21
Pls update great story
2/14/2022 c10 Guest
Two those Guest below. Shut the fuck up.

This story is awesome. And it is more original considering it takes a direction to the story no one ever tried before.
2/14/2022 c10 Doortolight47
Momonga transforming into Ddraig reminds me of Davion transforming into Slyrak in that DOTA: Dragon's Blood. And both Dragons are red.

I wish to see this returns. Because it is awesome and creative especially with Momonga's presence and how he is causing changes to canon.
2/12/2022 c10 1Isdrin The Wanderer
I absolutely adore this story. Definitely in my top 3.

Dude, if you’re feeling burned out, or you feel a bit tired of this story, I don’t care if you take a break. Mental and physical health comes before any story.

Have a great year and live life to the fullest.
2/6/2022 c1 15The Eschaton
Can I take inspiration from this story, please?
1/20/2022 c9 Freetimedude77
When is next chapter?

1/17/2022 c10 TheOneBehindTheVeil
Hope the hiatus ends soon, your style of writing is interesting and pretty good.
1/3/2022 c10 Chip
Please continue this bro I’ve been waiting for a while and I’ve been so excited
12/27/2021 c4 Guest
welp, this is one the most boring fics i've read in a while... congrats
12/27/2021 c3 Guest
the fuck, super tier magic for clouds? it's like using a nuke because somebody drunkenly climbed over your gate.

zzz shit fic
12/24/2021 c10 Sandaime Hokage
Great fic so far, looking forward to reading more
12/21/2021 c10 Lordgoth
Honestly this is really bad. You know nothing of Overlord or Highschool DxD. Read the light novels man.
12/14/2021 c1 Vansmoke
why did his mother addressed him with formality? a suffix -san.
11/20/2021 c7 123ABIR123
Dude pls continue writing this fanfic as it is very good.
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