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11/7/2021 c10 VolumeLight546
I almost feel sorry for all the enemies that face this Momonga, since if he can really use unlimited Boost and not have that Burst problem...
This means that the longer an enemy takes to defeat Momonga, the greater his chance of beating the enemy, as he only gets stronger the longer the fight lasts thanks to the Boost.

Basically, Momonga must be defeated quickly or otherwise it will be impossible to defeat him in a fight after he manages to accumulate a certain amount of Boost. Which is easier said than done, as Momonga is a mage and mage are known to play dirty against a superior opponent.

That's because I'm not counting if he fights an enemy with Balance Breaker turned on, which removes the 10 second limit for each Boost, which makes it even worse to face Momonga. Since in this case, even if in a fight his MP somehow runs out, as long as his HP is still good, he can still keep doubling his physical strength until he can reach All Might or Saitama strength level.

God, this Momonga is truly OP, just like the Overlord. Liked it. Great Chapter.
11/3/2021 c5 hikki
it is really refreshing to see monmonga kicking these assholes from dxd
good job mr author
11/1/2021 c10 Afanficman
The story is going pretty great. I want to see how Ainz handles the increasing recruitment attempts from Rias.
10/29/2021 c10 Ranmaleopard
This is just really interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next. Please continue
10/25/2021 c10 Colossus Bridger
Already loving this story, you still updating? I want to see what Ainz will bring to the mix now.
9/28/2021 c10 dragonfox123
Amazing and touching chapters and characters development and can’t wait for the next chapter update
9/24/2021 c2 Guest
Issei got replaced by a better protagonist, yay!
9/18/2021 c10 jarjarhead
up? this good
9/15/2021 c10 Guest
Plz do bring more chapters
9/9/2021 c10 Obama
Fic is dead. Moving on from this trash.
9/4/2021 c10 glorer
Welp, hope Monmon/Issei remember [Aura of Submission V] and deactivate, Sona will be very boring as just another Albedo, what make her character interesting is that she is smart and different than the other devils.

Putting that aside, great work hope you get inspiration to follow it, the story is quite amazing and different until now, lets hope it not become some sort of meaningless harem fest, and the few characters that join are properly fleshed out, and have a real reason to go for him than just argg aura/power make me wet! -_-

Keep the good work!
9/1/2021 c10 max111000
I like the story. My favourite chapter was the 9th one. The chess game was super well written in my opinion and momonga cheating to win was super in character. I love the semi good take on THE OVERLORD OF DEATH. I believe you capture his personality kind of well thou the death knights turning female is super funny. His reaction to them is also well justified, but in the Overlord universe summons fear rejection more than death so think about some scene where Momonga takes notice of his summons dissatisfaction which comes from lack of orders or something. I believe it would be difficult to capture correctly but its in character in my opinion. I don't mind at all OOC's and any liberties you take in your fic. My recommendation for the next chapter would be some more attention to the 3 fallen angels. It would be fun to let them explore something, be absurdly paranoid when taking any action at all, meaby the spell on them may be conversed with, as asking if doing something would be ok or not? Chapter about 3 fallen disguised as adorable girls making their way in the town swarming with devils trying to exchange gold for yen. It is also a safe way to go because we know next to nothing about their personalities, other the fallen angels like to have sex and play. Meaby an encouter with some ridiculous way of sedussing, you know some stupid way that ends up in the target flying or something. Also the smutlessness of the story amuses me, I believe you grossly underestimate how smutty most of DxD fics are :). I also recommend giving Sona more spotlight, her personality, and situation, and goals make her an ideal target for a fic. As for Rias with her engagement with Riser and absolutely lack of any leverage on Momonga is super tricky and interesting at the same time. Sona will need to somehow convince her parents that Momonga is full blood devil witch in a sense looks like fun to explore. I would pull from nowhere some magical device to check that, turn out that Issei is a full devil due to him consuming Divora, and then momonga flatly refuse the engagement, would be fun to see. As for Rias only way out that I can see is for her to lose the game or strait up surrender and meaby for Momonga to crush the ceremony and free her but only after Momonga establishes himself as the head of the lost 73th demon family. What is even more interesting and I haven't seen it in any Overlord DxD fic so far, The Lesser Key of Solomon on witch the noble families of DxD are based on appear in Overlord LN as Lemegeton just outside the throne room in Nazarick as the last guards. This means that in character Momonga is actually the ruler of all the demon families. I would love to see you recover from your mental hole and ignite your creativity and love for this story once again! Its the top 1 story in DxD x Overlord crossovers at this site! It proves that your writing is widely liked! So have fun writing and I wish you luck in your professional life.
8/26/2021 c10 Ricee
well, this was a fic. hoping he dosent get reincarnated cause that's just a lil repetitive. also was expecting him to turn into his lich form
8/26/2021 c8 Ricee
don't get why he didn't just kill or mind fuck the kendo girls
8/23/2021 c3 Kenin-sensei
Please continue with this read
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