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12/3/2019 c5 26Iniki Melset
Again, really good writing with all kinds of surprises inserted. I love the scene with Que'la and her eggs - I have a very soft spot for 'gators and crocs and how they devotedly guard their nests and hatchlings. The entire premise, with the new Jem'Hadar believing in the Prophets, being prosyletized is fascinating. Wonder what will happen...
Garak's and Melset's interactions with Siana are about as I would imagine them in the context of your story, and that Melset tells her about her own heritage - good idea. She did not learn about it herself until after The Defeat in my own series.
Your inventiveness, your dialogues, all ingredients for stories that make the reader want more.
11/30/2019 c4 Iniki Melset
Really good! you introduced the aftermath of war which, after 5 or 6 years, will not have been cleared away yet, to be seen both by the surviving and the very young Cardassians. The differing perceptions of Damar are also an excellent touch. Come to think of it - how will this post-war period be described in Cardassian history texts of the future?
Hopefully Siana can be freed from those nightmares and doesn't slip back into addiction.
A Jem'Hadar in monk's robes; well, if he's a convert, it is fitting, but to visualize it.. Sorry, you had me smiling there...
Que'la and her suitors - I enjoyed that scene. There are mating rituals about like that among reptiles and birds, a whole lot of fighting and noise... Perfect for the new race of Jem'Hadar.
Excellent work - and I'm waiting for more...
11/24/2019 c3 Iniki Melset
Chapter 2 and 3, I took them as a unit and was disappointed when I saw the end of 3 as I had hoped it to continue. The female Jem'Hadar is very interesting, so much different to the males. I like your writing - you do know how to create suspense!

The idea of the Founders being a prior form of the Prophets is an unusual one I have never read in any fanfic; it would make perfect sense in a way, this evolution from Solid to Korrigan to Prophet. I will be waiting to see how you develop the premise, especially with the Jem'Hadar developing a form of faith all their own after being set on the path by Vedek Laars.
11/21/2019 c1 Iniki Melset
This promises to be another interesting one, especially with the Bajorans entering the equation. Vedek Laars - I wonder how he'll develop. Often the most liberal turn out to be thus only on the surface...

Poor Siana, between a rock and a hard place with the child. Another source of intercultural misunderstandings due to differing ideas of education and interaction of child and adult, especially considering the long absences of the mother.

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