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5/4 c33 Guest
Yautja? Really?
5/4 c33 13Trace Reading
Never ask how much worse an already bad story will get because you will always find out.

I wouldn't even MST this. Not that it's even allowed on the site anymore but still.

I'm definitely purging these URLs from my browser history.
5/3 c1 Goku Black
You must update new story: Resident Evil Village. What I saw is very good! I liked the idea!
Imagine Naruto as Rei and married to three women, Bela, Cassandra and Daniela. Adopted by Lady Alcina Dimitrecu and allowed to live with them in the Dimitrescu Castle.
It would be very interesting when Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters discover that Naruto lived in the hell called Konoha when he was treated as a monster or demon, and was finally banished by idiots on the Council to hurt Sasuke Uchiha in the Valley of the End.
They would see an opportunity to bring Naruto to their castle and would turn into a vampire and become a more cruel and sadistic monster than the idiots of Konoha fear.
Certainly Naruto can win sympathy from the Dimitrescu Family, the Heisenberg Family, the Beneviento Family, the Moreau Family and Mother Miranda due to his difficult childhood as a Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.
They will put their rivalry aside and can help Naruto become a more dangerous, crueler and more sadistic vampire to spread terror and horror in the Elementary Nations.
I recommend that Uzushiogakure turns into Uzumaki Castle that Naruto and his allies will live in and there is no doubt that no one will try to invade Uzushiogakure because of the very fearsome reputation and true terror, because no one will escape that hell and impossible to invade due to the bloody sea and the darkest sky and fog, there is almost no sun. Idiots will feel real fear and will be shitting their pants when they witness horror.
In addition, Lady Dimitrescu and noble families will show interest in Naruto for not being Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi, also for being heir to the Uzumaki Clan. This will reinforce the alliance between Uzumali Clan and noble families when Naruto will be married to Bela, Cassandra and Daniela.
Naruto will become the Demon's God and will be feared by idiots and loved by his allies for his fearsome reputation.
Uzushiogakure will have alliances to allow him to get whatever he wants because of Naruto now as King.
You must do this, friend. It will be very interesting!
Do not forget that you must update Naruto-verse to show them witness the true terror and horror, which will leave them traumatized and shit in their pants.
I call Naruto the Demon God or Resident Evil Naruto ... So do it, please!
Everyone will love it and will like the idea if you can impress.
I advise see on youtube to learn from Resident Evil Village. Good luck!
5/2 c33 11lava213
is the yautja a female or male? in any case can't wait for the next chapter and if you don't know what a yautja it's a predator
5/2 c33 HyuunaRyuuna
ahh... predator...
5/1 c33 buh what
This was already plagued by horrible writing and an extreme lack of detail in pretty much everything, but... nah let's face it you jumped the shark in chapter 1 and have been sinking ever deeper down into the sea of bizarre mediocrity since then.
4/30 c33 DainBramagedMoFo
Now Naruto can get Predator tech.
A species centric harem universe conquering husband works with all crossovers. Now there's not just Dr. Who companions such as Rose, they're giving us a woman Dr.
4/29 c33 6atsik101
Nicely done with this chapter my friend it was really good work and I enjoyed reading the continues adventures of Alien Naruto and Clan! Now on the other side I hope that you know that the predators as a species are a matriarchal society and that the males can be between 7 and 15 feet tall and that the females can be form 14 to 20 feet tall, at least that is the general rule from the Predator comics and Omnibus that I have read, anyway I guess that that one could be a young male that have set his eyes on one of Naruto's daughters that have come with him to Snow-Spring country and he wants to impress her with his trophies!
4/29 c33 SMASH UP
A Predator?! Oh sweet. This will be very interesting to see. Wonder what it's there for? And, is it male or female?
What will Naruto do with it and it's technology?
4/29 c33 DarkElves4EVER
Could Naruto get some Dark-skinned girls for his harem, please? Fū, Mabui, Ryūzetsu, and Karui are the only ones in the whole series.
Anyone of them would be perfect.
4/28 c33 Shadowkanji
wait it's turning into predator vs species. aright let's go
4/28 c33 Borello
nice work. i can't wait for the next chapter.
4/28 c33 darkwarp
O_O oh that's going to be ether a problem for naruto or it will be outright interesting to the story but the kage summit not going to end well since the mist village leader is one of naruto wives XD
4/28 c32 DainBramagedMoFo
This fanfic seems to have the usual percentage of loud weakling delusional trash talkers. Thanks, be well mofo.
4/28 c31 DainBramagedMoFo
Naruto can take train and other tech stuff without massive materials loss from gratuitous mass destruction. Thanks, be well mofo.
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