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for Lone Wolves Don't Survive (Except For When They Have To)

7/16 c1 19wildmoors

This is AMAZING! I literally have no words to say how much I love this. This breaks my heart and makes it whole at the same time. The Jaegers are definitely a team of family, and I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Philip comforting Yuliy when he's vulnerable is PERFECT, and Dorothea and Fallon taking care of them is ALSO PERFECT.

I wish this show was more popular, it's SO GOOD. I almost cried at the end ToT Thank you so much for writing!

(Also, there actually is a Sirius the Jaeger category now :))
3/27 c1 arina
Very sweet story. I've been lokking for something like this for a while but there are so few good fics for this anime.
Anyway thank you very much for your story

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