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8/31 c7 Guest
Would love to read an update! This is an amazing story!
8/20 c7 Guest
please please please continue this story! It's amazing!
7/17 c7 Guest
Love this story and all your tumblr prompts! Looking forward reading the next chapter!
5/31 c7 17princessitsy
I love your descriptions, they're always poetic and artful, but never overbearing.

I am quite in love with the idea of Henry explaining the religious things and Elizabeth finding some meaning in it. We never got much into it in the show, but both of their relationships with religion must be complicated.
5/18 c7 Guest
Waiting for the next one! :)
5/16 c7 Guest
I love this story, no matter how heartbreaking it is! I cannot wait for the next update!
5/16 c7 14lil'mousie323
Oh I. Do hope this is a good thing for them! I can’t wait to see how their talk goes!
5/15 c7 Missymoo3266
This is so wonderfully written. I’m so glad you updated and I hope there is more soon! I love your writing style and I can’t wait to read more!
5/15 c7 notapplicablehere
this story is amazing i’m obsessed
5/14 c7 19Brendalwood
So well crafted. It floats when I read it. Keep writing this beautiful story.
5/14 c7 nancyramos07
I liked this one a lot ! You captured the moment perfectly! Well done thank you
5/14 c7 Kimber1983
Wow that was a very profound and gut wrenching chapter. Your words really dug into my heart Thank you for writing this
5/26/2020 c6 majosemu
Great to have an update ! I’m really looking forward to see how they get together again
5/21/2020 c6 922queens1prince
I haven't had much time for reading, but I was so excited to see that you'd updated. I love the parallel you've made between prayer and numbers used as a sort of coping mechanism. I'm looking forward to see what you do next.
5/21/2020 c6 17princessitsy
I love how you describe what's going on in Elizabeth's mind, the analogies are fantastic. The details you add, like the bit about her sweater, makes everything so much more real. God, all the imagery in this chapter gets me, it's absolutely fantastic across the board. I almost want to switch to reviewing on Ao3 so I can copy paste every line I love. The bit about the curtain for example. You do a great job of painting a picture without getting overwrought.
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