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2/28 c2 Dragon-LV
I was wrong, here is my address:
Redtanker46(the at symbol)
2/28 c1 Dragon-LV1
I am Dragon-LV. I was wrong, here is my mail:
redtanker46(the at symbol)
2/28 c1 Dragon-LV
Hey. I'm looking for fans to come up with a plot for the third season together. No, I'm not from Disney, but this is if I can get permission to create a sequel. I'm also a fan like you.
The site does not allow me to write an email address, so I wrote this:
Here is my mail: redtanker46(the at symbol)
2/20 c14 49Fudogg
This was a sweet ending. I think you have every right to be satisfied with it. And I'm curious about Operation Defect.
2/16 c13 chankins34
love it wish this would be more than one chap left
2/14 c13 Omnismith
Ngl, even I thought that Jake and rose confessing so soon in the previous chapter was too much, too soon. But then I remembered that the show itself relied on that unbreakable bond between the two to propel their romance forward. I mean Rose remembering Jake in some form as a familiar entity the morning after Jake made his wish was proof enough of their magical love. I will stop before I get too cheesy
2/14 c13 Guest
Can't wait for operation defect! Your writing is top notch and I love the fact that you ignored the naysayers and wrote for this fandom.
2/13 c13 Fudogg
The last chapter should be interesting. I'm hoping for an explanation for how Rose survived.

And I'll be checking out "Operation Defect". I've been thinking lately that this story ending will be leaving a void in my weeks, so it's nice to know that that void could be filled.
2/6 c12 Fudogg
I must say, I'm rather surprised. I didn't think the prophesied event would happen this soon. I was thinking there would be a bit more build up and it would happen next chapter. Then again, I didn't think it would turn out to be this close to the show's actual canon. Anyway, I'm going to call it now: with there being two chapters left, there's going to be some kind of twist. I don't think Rose is actually dead.
2/6 c12 Guest
Thank God there's two chapters left, because this chapter killed me
1/31 c11 Fudogg
Yes, definitely some cuteness in this one. I must say that I've really been enjoying how you portray Rose in this story. It's really endearing.
1/30 c11 Guest
The deadline is here already? Can't wait to know more
1/25 c10 Omnismith
I wonder why the title of the fic is Gods and Monsters. Hmmm
1/24 c10 Omnismith
"She laughed. "I'm not falling in love with you."

"And I'm not falling in love with you."

*wiggles eyebrows*
1/23 c10 Fudogg
Only four more chapters? Wow. Well, keep going.
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