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for Maelstrom Batman Beyond

2/9 c7 Samuel Santillan
I liked!
So Veronica found out for real she was smart, and also found out very fast.
The tension between Naruto and Helena I like it soon something will happen between the 2.
2/9 c7 5Spear-of-the-doomed
Thank you I have been waiting on this one. Something I wanted to inquire about, How fast are you going to have the Kryptonians age? In some stories Superman ages at a slow but not unreasonable rate like in Batman Beyond. Others have him age at a rate like a tenth of human rate.
2/9 c7 ArrowsToAthens
2/9 c7 Menatron the Angel of Ideas
YES! Finally! Awesome as always! Don't forget what we discussed about other Naruto characters,especally Team Kurinai and Yakamo Kurumai,okay?
12/17/2020 c5 10HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 7 and I hope Naruto meet the former member of the birds of prey Harley Quinn.
8/24/2020 c6 avjuan37
please make more chapters
8/17/2020 c1 Guest
Pls update its soo good
7/15/2020 c6 5Fox Boss
Nice! Would you like some help 'modernizing' the tech so that it's up to 'future' standards?
6/11/2020 c6 Samuel Santillan
me gusto espero el proximo
6/8/2020 c6 Shadow
loved it!
6/7/2020 c6 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
6/6/2020 c6 warprince2000
Sweet story! can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter (update soon Plz)
6/5/2020 c6 SPark681
Well, an interesting chapter it will be interesting how you get this harem together anyways keep up the great work!
6/5/2020 c6 1NaruLemon Stories
Please tell me this naruto is not a virgin
6/5/2020 c6 Icingdeath0945
I think you're meaning plant instead of planet for the fear toxin
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