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for Maelstrom Batman Beyond

11/30/2019 c3 Blood Spider
The Mutants please
11/28/2019 c3 Silber D. Wolf
awesome chapter
11/28/2019 c3 InuLamar
Epic chapter keep it up!
11/27/2019 c3 Mr.Fallen
Its good, but you defiantly need a beta to help fix grammar and spelling errors. I look forward to seeing more of this and the changes you'll make to the canon storyline.
11/27/2019 c3 Acr
I like the story so far but my question is why not give Naruto the beyond suite or and upgraded version of it you know combined it with the advanced suite in Batman Arkham knight game like a thinner version of the arkham knight suite but color scheme and the helmet mask and all the gadgets of the two suites along with the jet boots wing arm gliders and blades that is my idle suite for Batman beyond separate their badass but combined their fucking awesome badass just a suggestion keep up the stories and updates love them man
11/27/2019 c3 Drift219
secret identity revealed black mail gained and a blight is born. I loved this chapter can't wait to see How Bruce handles Naruto telling Terry about his secret id. And inque knows now too oooohhhh this could be very bad can't wait to see what you do with it. keep up the great job AZ.

p.s idea's for harem members: Curare(Naruto becames close to her because of his past as a shinobi and uses a bit of his remaining chakra to heal her face) Melanie walker ( they could have the batman and catwoman type of relationship that she didn't have with Terry) and lastly Aquagirl/Mareen Being one of the few chill members of the JLU and being a gentle person ( like a certain grey eyed Shinobi) would probable help him through being the new guy on the team (also helps that she is attractive and a good fighter and can hold her own in a fight)
11/27/2019 c3 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
Oh shit
Blight is in the game
The guys are going to have a hard time with this

Awesome chapter
11/26/2019 c3 Mr Guest
Fun chapter

Looking forward to when Inque shows up again and for when the flirting starts

Also just looking forward to when the Harem starts

Speaking of looking forward to who you add
11/26/2019 c3 FoxDemon1023
While I do like were this story is going there is a lot of grammar errors
11/26/2019 c3 Derek 23
Good chapter keep it up
11/26/2019 c3 Dbzfan45
Awesome update Red hood and Batman together and like the nod's to the Chis Nolan trilogy in this chapter. Inque is gonna be in trouble later on but that's for later. Vicki vale classic batman heroine we 'll see her again wonder what other twists you have for Naruto and don't worry about Naruto chakra it would completely derail the story but still superhuman just without all the OPNESS. Keep posting Best Naruto batman Beyond crossover I have read. It doesn't detract from too much from the original characters their role's are just reversed in some other's are not, you keep the integral part's of the story while introducing new one's . Great story cheers!
11/26/2019 c3 VeilSlide
I like the fast updates, but I think you need to take the time to proofread your work. There are various instances of sentences missing words or completely wrong words which throw off the meaning of the sentence or statement. I hope to see this story continue and improve.
11/26/2019 c3 18WolveHulk
Gitta say this is getting really interesting, bro.
11/26/2019 c3 3ashton millman
Well crap wasn’t expecting terry to be the red hood
11/26/2019 c2 demon87
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