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for RWBY Reacts to Fate Series (Fate Zero)

6h c6 infanteglenn7
Honestly, I don't think can even reach lancer. Its just almost impossible.
6/12 c10 8The Keeper of Worlds
I am loving this!
6/9 c10 Guest
When the fuck are you going to update man i am bored
Just fucking update already
6/9 c1 faturandi37
Please update soon
6/8 c10 Teen Shallot
He Cthulhu Mythos is the most powerful mythos
6/7 c9 Teen Shallot
Why are they so naive
6/7 c7 Teen Shallot
All's fair in war
6/7 c6 Teen Shallot
I don't know what makes Velvet think she can control such powerful weapons. She would break under the strain to even contain a fraction of their power
6/7 c6 Teen Shallot
Why are girls so sensitive over 1 fucking comment
6/5 c10 Kick Bubblegum
Can't wait to see the cast's reaction to Lancer's master being defeated
6/2 c10 iyos.kerenz
I love this so much. Looking forward for the Episode 8 one :D
5/23 c10 Guest
Cool story, but... Aura, aura, aura, aura, man FUCK AURA, are you suggesting that any of then will have a chance against a servant because they have have an extra shield that is as same piece of paper to a servant? An all E rank servant would curbstomp them, hell they would lose to a slightly competent magus even
5/21 c10 NinthTeardrop
Pls update. I've reread this 3 times already.
5/20 c4 Teen Shallot
It's not anime without the opening spoilers
I can guess that most of the adults will be able to understand Iskandar’s belief of what a king is during the banquet of kings but the students probably wouldn’t understand it at first but I think they might be able to see his point during the battle with assassin. Plus I’m looking forward to any scene with Iskandar and Gilgamesh the most after all they both respect each other as worthy opponents after all Gilgamesh was only interested in Artoria but only used his most prized possession against Iskandar because he deemed him the only one worthy of facing it.
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