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for RWBY Reacts to Fate Series (Fate Zero)

2/20 c15 RDDash
Comeback and finish the story you coward :p. Writing about RWBY watching one or two seasons of Fate Zero shouldn't be that hard.
2/19 c1 RDDash
Every time someone mentions Zelretch in the fate fanfic, I skip it. Nobody actually knows how to write him correctly in any story.
2/14 c1 Guest
I really hope you will tell RWBY cast that Uther killed Morgan's father and how she is being oldest, but instead Artoria who was ascended as the king, made him think that she was cast aside due to not being Uther biological daughter. She will be still a monster for the RWBY cast, but that must be causing some dilemma for them
1/31 c15 Guest
Please update
1/25 c15 RizalMei28
is this story already dead not update for long time.
1/9 c15 calvin9871
just finished reading, a very good fanfic, while in the last chapter the explanation of the arthurian legends in the nasuverse was a bit off I feel like you did a great dipcrition. Even though I never watched RWBY I really liked their reactions. As for how the legend of king Arthur goes in natsuverse. First of all unlike DxD the red dragon and white dragon both refers to Ablion. The grand dragon that has the age of the earth itself. During the time of Uther the age of god were at it's end, a majority of the mythical beings have gone hidden to avalon the only place were the mystics would never decline. However, for albio they never made to avalon or when they decided to head to avalon it was too late the gate to avalon was to small for it. Thus they could only try to dig their way to avalon but failed to do so and died in Britin the last place on earth where the age of gods would delcline last. Britin as the last place where the age of gods still held there was a requrement to become king of the land and that was that they had to inhert the will of the land of Britin. At the same time only the current king and their sucessor can hold the power of the will of Britin. For the time of King Uther the ones that held the will of britin were Uther and his daughter Morgan Pendragon. Yet, Uther's younger brother Vortagen knew that Uther had no wish to prolong the age of gods, instead he wished the age of man to come,despite that it would bring ruin to the land of britin and it's people.(People that living the age of gods require the rich amount of mana to survive healthly, if the age of gods were to decline the people of britin would be weakened as unlike the rest of the world they have not adapt to the age of man yet). Therefore, Vortagen drank the blood of the dead albion and became the white dragon of Britin. After becoming the white dragon he defeated Uther and took away the power of the will of Britin from Uther becoming the new inheritor of the will of Britin. It was because of this action Uther sought help from Merlin on how to defeat Vortagen, where Merlin would prophised the rise of King Arthur and red dragon, how they were the only hope to defeat Vortagen. Uther knowing that the power of the will of Britin is no match against the white dragon sent of Morgan the other weilder of the will of Britin to be married off to the king of Orkney (which was against her will), so that he would gain addtional reinforcments, also to prevent Morgan to be in the way of the not yet born Arthur success to the throne. This action made Morgan to resent her sister Artoria, as legally she who is the ineritor of the will of Britin is true sucessor to the throne, also because the moment Artoria the red dragon becomes king the age of gods would decline forever. As Vortrogen, Morgan, and Artoria represent the three difference choice of world. Vortrogen is the choice of Gaia, as it wishes to prolong the age of gods with no care of how the beings of the plant would live, thus he was a tyrant to his people uncaring the lives of his people, only care the land of Britin and prolonging the age of gods. If contined to have the throne the age of would gods would still remian and in the future it would spread to the whole world again. Artoria represents the choice of Alaya, meaning the superiority of humankind. If Artoria were to have taken the throne all other mythical creature would then be chased away to the inner world, as they cannot exist outside the age of gods, allowing humans to be most supieor of all. Morgan is the compromise between Gaia and Alaya. If Morgan were to take the thone it would end with the humans and the mystic beings to coexisit, the age of gods would still prolong in this sernaro. The rest is pretty much simmular to how the legend of Arthur goes on. Note that it wasn't that Morgan never tried to make peace with her sister Artoria as her alternate personality Vivian gave Artoria Excalibur and Her Morgan self gave Ryonganmord to Artoria so that she could win against Vortagan. But apparently Merlin who was die hard fan of the age of men never told Artoria the spear orginated from Morgan. Thus, resulting Artoia never thanking Morgan for Ryonganmord. Making it the final straw for Morgan and fall in the depths of hating her sister. This is what read about how the nasuverse arthur legends go. A lot of this was from Garden of Avalon the novel, lostbelt 6 of FGO and some other nasuverse works.
1/4 c15 37kyugan
so when can we expect to see their reaction to excalibur?

And do you intend to do Unlimited Blade Works next? If Arturia's tale make Ruby cry, I can only imagine her reaction to EMIYA's.
1/2 c1 LambMan2424
Gimmie more ples
12/22/2023 c15 To be

12/8/2023 c15 Guest
Love the react fanfiction so far but I feel that certain scenes feel short and lacking in certain ways but still good in it own way just need some refinement. Also the story you gave about Morgan LeFay and the King of Knight was a very generalized version but in the fate universe the truth was more complicated such as the red and white dragon being the essence of the oldest and largest of the pure blood dragons called Albion with the red representation of the will of man and the future Uther wife and I think Merlin extracted from Albion corpse and infused with the developing fetus. While the white represents the land desire to remain in the past and continue to be a land of mystery which was created from Vortigern seeking power to usurp his brother legacy and rein drank the blood and eaten the flesh of Albion. Also Morgan soul was split into good and evil with one remaining in the human body with a lust for power and vengeance against Arturia and destroy what they built while the other became a Fae called the lady of the lake or Vivian that helped King Arthur. Regardless both desired to preserve the knowledge and craft of mysteries for the future as such created Add a sentient mystic code that would contain Rhyongomniad and protect it till it came in possession of those worthy and ensure the blood of Pendragon would endure which leads to Grey birth.
10/30/2023 c15 Guest
sorry for asking
but please update
its just this fic is good
and its been over 4 months
10/14/2023 c4 Guest
Ruby so far has been to naive. I wonder how she'll react to Kiritsugu someone she so far hated, was just as idealistic and pure as herm
10/11/2023 c9 Guest
Can't wait for them to see Kiritsugu's backstory, especialy Ruby, since it serves as deconstruction of heroisim even though it's admirable and them seeing someone once innocent becoming broken become of sooooo much shit in his his life. Can't wait for them too see the plane thing, because they probably would be shocked to see that was extremly traumatizing for Kiritsugu.
10/10/2023 c14 Guest
can't wait for Episode 13.
10/3/2023 c15 RizalMei28
please finish this stories first before make new stories it really long time not update..
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