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for RWBY Reacts to Fate Series (Fate Zero)

6/24 c14 killzombie74
don't worry, as long as you don't abandon this story take as long as you want
6/24 c2 Gamma-X
So, the first story is Fate/Zero, second Fate Route, third Unlimited Blade Works, fourth is Heaven's Feel..but what about the last one? Is that Ataraxia or FGO? Or some other route I'm unaware of?
6/21 c14 prometheus7987
Please come back soon with more chapters of this excellent story.
6/18 c14 Vist97
To triscythe59
After your bring back your story file’s and your break, I would just want to say that please come back on updating Rwby watches Hunters of justice on AO3. I know you want to finish this, but I want more on HOJ reaction story more. I hope you understand this.

P.S. I hope you do well in your life.
6/19 c14 rozaina
When update
6/14 c14 1800009trumbullps.net
What about the Archiveofourown?
6/9 c13 Acetroyz
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chapter!
6/9 c14 The Disquieting One
Oh, congrats on your live's improvement. I hope, when you return, you give Smartphone Characters Plays Halo some love, because i havent read anything like that before
6/6 c14 Guest
Are you going to update rwby reacts aot or abandon it?
6/6 c14 Bardnle
I rly love and enjoy this fanfiction as one of my favorites so i hope that u do continue on it. Take your time to relax and heal mentally so the u can continue this piece of work.
6/5 c14 red.archer
hope you enjoy your break make sure to take care of yourself since your wellbeing should always come first :D 3
6/6 c14 Acetroyz
Dont worry bro
6/4 c14 Guest
To BRUH3000, fuck you.
6/4 c14 Guest
Thanks for letting us know. I am also attending college while trying to help out my family. I hope everything gets into a rhythm with your life soon.
6/4 c14 Guest
Oh yeah, no worries! I'll still be patiently waiting for you whenever you're ready!
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